Elon Musk Called Apple Cloth 'Silly' While Promoting His Cyberwhistle
(Photo : Image from Tesla Shop) Elon Musk Called Apple Cloth 'Silly' While Promoting His Cyberwhistle

The last time Elon Musk sold something aside from cars, a.k.a. the flamethrower, it sold out in just a matter of hours! With that being said, the Tesla CEO has just announced another Tesla collectible called the "cyberwhistle" for $50!

Tesla Cyberwhislte Sells Out

The cyberwhistle, as per its description, is a medical-grade stainless steel whistle that is shaped in the form of Tesla's upcoming cybertruck. Within just hours of Elon Musk's tweet, the collectible sold out almost instantaneously.

According to the story by Engadget, as Elon Musk showed with the flamethrower that he has quite a knack when it comes to selling weird gadgets that don't really have any practical thing to do with the company's main business. With that, the latest product unrelated to Tesla is a collectible whistle called the "cyberwhistle" that sold for $50.

Problems Owning 'Not a Flamethrower'

The collectible whistle is modeled after Tesla's much-awaited cybertruck and has already been sold out within just hours of its posting. At least with the new cyberwhistle, there is still some relation to Tesla, unlike the Boring Co,'s previous "Not a Flamethrower."

Some owners of the flamethrower, however, have run into some problems overseas. As seen in a previous article by TechTimes, Max Craddock, an American, spent two days in an Italian prison for the flamethrower with his lawyer trying to clarify that it wasn't a "weapon of war" but a "toy sold to children."

Medical-Grade Steel with a Polished Finish

As per the description, the cyberwhistle is inspired by the cybertruck and is a "limited edition" premium collectible that is made of medical-grade steel with a polished finish. The description says the whistle includes an integrated attachment feature to add to its versatility.

As per Engadget, the publication said that they imagine that it would take a bit of time to design a truck-shaped whistle. This means it's very likely that Tesla has already been planning to sell the collectible for quite a while as just a temporary product, just like the $1,500 Tesla-branded surfboard.

Elon Musk Makes Comments on the Apple Cloth

The publication said that Tesla CEO might have seen the Apple Cloth that sold for $19 and was able to sense a solid marketing angle. Musk directly mentioned the Apple Cloth in his tweet, telling the public not to buy it but instead buy Tesla's cyberwhistle.

Elon Musk described the Apple Cloth as "silly," telling people to buy the Tesla whistle. To add to this, Elon Musk encouraged his followers to "blow the whistle on Tesla."

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Much Awaited Tesla Cybertruck

The stunt seemed to work since Tesla's cyberwhistle sold out in just a matter of hours after officially going on sale. It does, however, look like the company is planning to restock the cyberwhistle at some point in the future, as per the Tesla store description.

The upcoming Tesla cybertruck itself has already had millions of reservations when it comes to the real thing. Unfortunately, the cybertruck has actually been quietly delayed to 2022 as opposed to launching this year.


Although the cyberwhistle sold out, there are already spinoff products on Amazon like shirts that say, "I wanted a cyberwhistle but all I got is this boring tshirt." With that, the shirts have options for a t-shirt, v-neck, long sleeves, and tank top. 

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