Better PS5 system stability has arrived! Thanks to Sony's efforts, PlayStation 5 players can now have a smoother game experience when accessing Ultra HD titles. 

"An update to the system software for PS5TM consoles was released on 12/01/2021," said the giant tech developer via its official website. 

This new software patch is just like the recent Nintendo Switch system enhancement. The new Version 21.2-04.50.00 is the fourth system stability upgrade released by Sony. 

As of the moment, the giant console creator's new system patch only indicates stability improvement. This means that the recent Version 21.2-04.00.00 is still the biggest stability enhancement of Sony, which was released back in September. 

Better PS5 System Stability: How to Install? 

According to GameSpot's latest report, the new PS5 Version: 21.02-04.50.00's patch notes only focus on one thing, which is the console's stability. 

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Yes, it seems not much, but you can still install this update so that you can play your favorite games smoother. If you want to download the new software upgrade, then you can follow these steps provided by Sony's official website

  1. The first thing you need to do is press your PS button on your console. After that, you can now visit the "Downloads/Uploads" section. 
  2. Once you are there, look for "Version 21.2-04.50.00" and then install it. 
  3. If ever you face some errors while downloading the new stability enhancement, you can click this link so that you can have the steps on how to install it manually.  

PS5 Restock Updates

Of course, you can't actually take advantage of Sony's new stability enhancement if you don't have a PS5 console. As of the moment, this game gadget is still suffering from scarcity since the consumer demand is too high. 

Tom's Guide provided the latest restock updates on Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Sadly, if you would click the provided links, Target already runs out of stocks. On the other hand, the recent PS5 units on Amazon and Walmart are also sold out. 

In other news, PS5's price is still off the chart. Meanwhile, Japan's anti-scalper efforts now involve marking the console with a large cross. 

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