The NFT, or the non-fungible token, has boomed in popularity this year with the release of countless NFT collections and even NFT games that players can earn money from. Everything about NFTs are digital, which is why it is not a surprise that there are NFT apps you can download straight to your phone. 

Whether you want to just browse cool artwork, learn more about NFTs, make your own, or all of the above, an NFT app is out there that fits your needs. 

NFT: What is It?

Before we start talking about the NFT apps available for download for iOS and Android devices, let us first talk about what an NFT is. 

We have already mentioned what NFT stands for, but that alone might not give anyone a clearer idea of what it is. Specifically, some of you might be wondering just what in the world non-fungible means. 

According to an article by The Verge, something is non-fungible when "it's unique and can't be replaced with something else." What that means is that when you exchange trading cards with someone else, for example, you most likely will end up with a different trading card than the one you originally had. 

NFTs can be anything digital, which means they come in the form of digital art, GIFs, collectibles, and even music. 

Does that make NFT similar to cryptocurrency? Not exactly. You do, however, need cryptocurrency to buy NFTs. They also share a few similarities, such as their unstable volatility and the fact that they have stored digital records on a blockchain. 

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NFT Apps You Can Download

These days, it feels like NFTs are everywhere. They are even in the app store of your smartphone. If you feel like browsing some NFT art, making your own, or you just want to learn more about it, here are the NFT apps you should download:


Want to try your hand at making your very own NFT? If your answer to that question is yes, GoArt is one of the NFT apps that you should download. 

GoArt is an NFT art maker app that lets you turn photos into NFT art. It makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make those artistic changes to your photos so that you can sell them as NFT artwork on different marketplaces. 

GoArt is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. 


An article by Android Authority says that MetaMask is "a crypto wallet at heart with the ability to do a lot of other things." Those other things include letting users buy and sell NFTs. MetaMask also has a desktop app in case you find yourself on your PC wanting to browse and shop for NFTs. 

MetaMask is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. 


Popular NFT marketplace OpenSea launched its very own app in September. If you have a profile on the OpenSea website, the app lets you view and manage your profile, according to the article by Android Authority. 

A previous article we published here on Tech Times also says that the OpenSea app allows users to browse NFTs, follow collections, and even share listings. 

OpenSea is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. 

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