Why Do App Developers Call New-Kid-On-The-Mobile-Block Bluthrone an 'Exit Factory'?
(Photo : Why Do App Developers Call New-Kid-On-The-Mobile-Block Bluthrone an 'Exit Factory'?)

What's the biggest challenge you've faced as a mobile app developer? Of course, you have to spend endless hours trying to create an app that strikes a chord with the target users. Also, you need to constantly introduce new features to retain existing users. You even have to identify suitable monetization models to generate revenue from the app.

But all those challenges pale in comparison to the hurdle of finding a suitable monetization or even exit strategy. Every single developer is fascinated with the idea of creating groundbreaking apps that'll take the market by storm. But reality is, mobile developers often can't break the glass ceiling and take the app to greater heights.

Ultimately, you end up exhausting your time, energy, and financial resources trying to garner traction by reinventing the app. You can find yourself stuck in a vicious maintenance cycle without a clear exit.

But now you can leave all those worries to BlueThrone, a much talked about mobile app aggregator startup. The company helps app developers finally have an exit strategy, and continue doing what they're passionate about, i.e. build new apps.

An Easy Way to Cash Out

Headquartered in Singapore, BlueThrone runs its operations from Singapore, Phuket and Tel Aviv. The company specializes in buying mobile apps from the leading app stores, Google Play and the AppStore.

It provides developers of PMF (product-market-fit) apps with a new way out, thus helping them move, with less financial stress, on to new and exciting projects. That's a blessing considering that app developers crave new challenges to hone their skills and stay on top of the latest trends.

Alon Waller, co-founder and CEO of BlueThrone, roped in known tech entrepreneurs and investors to build the company. Their goal is to buy and grow product-market fit apps and turn them into category kings.

Bluethrone's team nurtures Android and iOS apps using AI acquisition algorithms and data-driven monetization techniques. These efforts have resulted in more than 9.2 million monthly active users across the U.S., U.K., Russia, Canada, and numerous other countries.

Apps acquired by BlueThrone have garnered more than 113 million downloads in total. They've helped over hundred of developers sell their digital assets and continue building new apps.

An Exit to New Beginnings

The seeds for BlueThrone were sown long before Alon Waller formally established the company. Being a passionate digital entrepreneur, Waller started back in 2016, by investing a mere $10,000 to open an FBA store on Amazon.

While the business grew by leaps and bounds, Waller experienced a phase of being stuck after the initial growth. Unable to give undivided attention to his stores, he decided to close most of them and pursue new ventures.

If only Alon Waller had predicted the rise of Thrasio, a leading Amazon aggregator with a $10 billion valuation, he could've raked in some moolah before closing.

That's when Waller realized the need for a similar aggregator in the app development industry. And his idea came to fruition when BlueThrone started buying promising apps in February 2021.

Every Developer's Dream Exit

It takes more than top-notch coding skills to build a profitable app business. Developers struggle to build online visibility for their apps. Also, they often have to juggle multiple projects and lack financial resources to maintain each app.

That's where an app aggregator, BlueThrone, steps into the picture. It gives developers a way out of existing projects. It's particularly useful when they need to liquidate existing digital assets to support new projects. Also, it comes in handy when they no longer have the capital to maintain and reinvent an app.

BlueThrone's services are just as helpful for developers who don't want to get their hands tied with the nuances of app marketing. They can continue to climb greater heights with new ventures, while the company takes care of enhancing their existing apps.

The team at BlueThrone takes the utmost care to ensure that they select the right product-market fit apps. They evaluate various parameters, including retention, ratings and revenue per download before moving forward with a purchase.

Also, they use the "5k rule" to understand whether an app is deemed valuable. Simply put, an app must generate a monthly profit of $5,000, or have at least 5,000 downloads to be considered for purchase.

BlueThrone offers a free app valuation tool to help developers get an idea of their earning potential. Once they buy an app, the team focuses on enhancing its UI/UX and functionality. Also, they invest in top-notch marketing campaigns to ensure that the product dominates every leading app store.

Think of it as a company that breathes new life into apps that would have otherwise remained stuck or fizzled out without a trace.

Reaping the Benefits of Hard Work

App developers spend sleepless nights creating flawless interfaces and useful features. They deserve an app aggregator company that can support them on their journey by taking part of the burden off their shoulders. BlueThrone's "exit factory" services are the right fit for situations where developers are stuck with an app and need a way out.

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