Megu Games has announced a partnership in mobile games development and publishing with Green Grey, an international gaming holding company. Green Grey's initial investment in the joint project could amount to $1,100,000.

The companies signed a partnership agreement, and the Megu Games team began the development of a Word Game/Design Meta-Game title, tentatively dubbed Word Estates, expected to soft launch in the 2nd quarter of 2022. The gameplay will be an improved version of that from the studio's other product, Hooked on Words. It can be played solo or in teams through tournaments. Hooked on Words was a success, with about 3 million downloads and $2 million earned from advertising.

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Megu (Me-Goo) Games is a developer and publisher of mobile games based out of Englewood, Florida (USA). The studio develops high-quality casual games for mobile platforms. Its team includes video game industry veterans with vast experience in all aspects of development and publishing. Over 25 years ago, Megu Games team members were involved in developing some of the very first PC games. Their combined experience in the market exceeds 105 years, and they have a joint portfolio of 185 games published for all gaming platforms. Megu Games' developers and designers have experience working for companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, Apple, and AdColony, even contributing to such popular games as Doom, and Wolfenstein 3D, with millions of players worldwide.

Dima Morozov, Founder, and CEO of Green Grey: 'This is one of the best and strongest investments we made in the last year. Megu Games is an absolute benchmark in quality for us, both by their game products' level and the business processes the company runs. We are developing and diversifying the gaming areas and projects in our portfolio. The market niche occupied by Megu Games is very interesting and currently not too crowded. The Megu Games team has tremendous experience developing games for the PC, consoles, and mobile, and studio founders Ron and Rebecca Shellhamer share our approach to mobile games as new means of communication. The studio has found the perfect mix of tech, experience, and monetization for their games, exciting and speaking to a wide audience. At Green Grey, we are ready to promote and improve Megu Games' products using our expertise in game optimization, and monetization'.

Ron Shellhamer, CEO & Co-Founder, Megu Games:​​ 'We couldn't be more excited to enter into this new partnership with Green Grey as they share our vision and excitement for what this game can be. Their team has been incredibly supportive and will add great value to Megu Games where we need it most. We feel Green Grey will play an important role in the mobile gaming space moving forward and are glad to join them on their journey'.

This is the fifth public deal involving Green Grey since June this year. The company has made a name for itself through a series of investments in international game startups. Previously, Green Grey invested $2.5 million in Infusion Games studio and got a stake in the company. Green Grey also invested $4 million in a mobile shooter by Developers Unknown and opened NPU Games, a casual game studio--the investment amounted to $800,000. Green Grey has also invested $2 mln in Pocket Size Games later this year.

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