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PS5’s Most Played Games Releases | ‘Fortnite’ Sits on Top
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Apple has won a "Stay" in their lawsuit that extends implementing changes to the App Store until Thursday, December 9, particularly on its case against Epic Games that looks for alternatives in payment. And while a day to extend implement changes may not be a lot, Apple took this as a win for them, especially amidst this issue with "Fortnite."

Apple Epic Games Lawsuit: Stay Won by Apple Until December 9

Epic games logo phone
(Photo : Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Reports are now focusing on the lawsuit that Epic Games has won against Apple, particularly with the court ruling that now requires Apple to provide alternative payment channels for all purchases on apps. The App Store will surely have a massive change on its structuring, but the recent "Stay" that Apple has won delays it a day later. 

According to a court document that was passed appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Apple is granted an "Order to Stay," giving them leeway on the changes that are required of them. The appeal was originally rejected by the judge of the original hearing but was granted to Apple by the circuit court, and its behavior regarding antitrust has greatly affected this new ruling. 

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'Fortnite' Not Yet Coming Back to the App Store? 

PS5’s Most Played Games Releases | ‘Fortnite’ Sits on Top
(Photo : CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images)

The only news now concerns that of Apple and Epic Games, as well as the alternative payment channels that will be used outside of the App Store. It does not discuss whether or not Apple will allow "Fortnite" back into the platform, especially as this issue has been addressed by the court already. 

It was known that Epic went out their way to create a new payment channel, something which Apple has made them pay for dearly. 

Apple Epic Lawsuit

Apple and Epic's Lawsuit has a fast turn of events since the previous dispute of the company happening during August 2020, where the game developer and publisher has violated the App Store agreement with Apple. Since then, there have been disputes regarding the tactics of both Apple and Google with their 70-30 split on commissions and earnings on all payments made within their platforms. 

The Cupertino company that was first started by Steve Jobs has since then been called a monopoly by Epic Games, focusing on the take of the company regarding their charges made on developers. Even famed CEO and billionaire Elon Musk has brought his opinion regarding this, saying that Apple is "overpriced" with its App Store rules. 

The Stay extends the changes made in the App Store instead of alternative payment channels that would be implemented today or earlier than Thursday, and that keeps the lawsuit hanging for a time. However, after which, it is unknown if Apple is to make appeals, especially as Epic Games is now looking into bringing the battle royale game back to the App Store. 

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