The first space art gallery could soon reach the planet's orbit as the Moon Gallery Foundation prepares its launch. One of the artworks you can expect is Singapore's first 3D-printed cube artifact called "Structure & Reflectance Cube."

The international collaborative agency wants to expand humanity's cultural dialogue beyond Earth. If humans want to live in other heavenly bodies, the upcoming art gallery would be essential.

Currently, government-backed and independent space agencies are usually focusing on advanced rockets and other technologies, which would allow astronauts to explore the universe further.

Recently, TechTimes reported that SpaceX Starship would soon be updated. On the other hand, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is now fully operational.

First Space Art Gallery to Include a 3D-Printed Cube

According to The Star's latest report, Singapore's first 3D-printed cube artifact is a dice-like artwork, with sides measuring 0.98 cm each.

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On the other hand, each cube's face depicts a unique series of patterns. Meanwhile, Space Ref reported that this tiny space art piece was created by a popular Singaporean designer, Lakshmi Mohanbabu.

The architect's efforts allowed her to be the first and only local artist to be included in the upcoming Moon Gallery.

"This work was created using 'laser powder bed fusion technology' a metal additive manufacturing process which allows us to control the surface roughness through varying the laser parameter," explained Nanyang Assistant Professor Dr. Matteo Seita.

He added that the 3D-printed cube represents human history's complex processes. To know more details about this upcoming artwork, you can visit this link.

Launch Date and Other Details

The Moon Gallery Foundation's tiny artwork house would have the dimension of 10cm-by-10cm, which is around one centimeter deep. Northrop Grumman Cygnus' NG-17 rocket is the one that would carry this space gallery to outer space. 

It would be a part of a test flight, which would reach the International Space Station (ISS) before arriving at the moon. The gallery is expected to reach the planet's orbit around February 2022. 

On the other hand, it could land on the moon as early as May 2025. 

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