CES 2022 features Smart Cities Prepare for Climate Change, and there are two companies in the event's lineup. One is Technica Communications, and the other is a Dutch company, Hydraloop, that developed a machine that can recycle used water into a clean and healthy one for different purposes. Hydraloop's features include the home and industrial use of the device.

Hydraloop's Water Recycling Tech: Machine that can Clean Used Water

Hydraloop's Water Recycling Machine
(Photo : Hydraloop via CES)
Hydraloop's Water Recycling Machine to conserve water and prevent Climate Change from happening. Participating again on CES 2022, Hydraloop aims to promote and bring more of its tech to the world, for people to see.

Hydraloop is part of the session in CES 2022 called "Smart Cities Prepare for Climate Change" together with Technica Communications, addressing environmental concerns. Both companies presented their tech and brought a lot of updates to their projects, mainly as it aims to answer one of the most extensive problems in the world.

As part of Hydraloop's showcase, its famous cleaning machine that first debuted in 2020, water recycling and reusing is one of its keys to helping the environment. The device aims to bring clean water to all users, despite the lack of sources.

Moreover, it aims to reduce water consumption from bodies of water, mainly as people use more and more each day, with some wasting more than what they need.

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Smart Cities Prepare for Climate Change: Water Conservation

Water conservation is one unsung need for Climate Change, especially as they are not considered pollutants in the air and water. However, not having any water someday will lead to drought, an inevitable consequence of Climate Change.

Failing to conserve now and running out of water to use is a possible future if the public is not careful.

Climate Change and our world today

People do not need an AI to tell them that the world is already experiencing one of its poorest states, especially as pollution against nature is still rampant despite the awareness of many. Throughout the years, the abusive actions of every person on the planet resulted in the environment nearing the tipping point of full-blown chaos.

Many people and researchers have already warned and acted on this, but it seems not enough, as the world is still slowly crumbling, and it is apparent on the icebergs that melt as we know it. Natural resources are scarce, and everything that is from nature is limited.

Actions like the smart cities for climate change are a massive help in answering the current problem, but it would not be enough if people were not on-board.

For now, people should unite in utilizing the tools and opportunities to save the world, together with companies like Hydraloop and Technica Communications, and their goals to help our environment.

CES 2022 may be full of innovations for futuristic technology, but it does not miss out on how to save the present.

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