Imagine an eco-friendly connected thermometer that doesn't need batteries at all. With that, the BCool can be charged simply through just a few shakes!

Eco-Friendly BCool Thermometer Uses Patented BMotion Sensor Technology

According to the story by, an eco-friendly connected thermometer, BCool, is a product that won't need batteries at all. Instead, the thermometer can be recharged with just a few shakes through the Baracoda Daily Healthtech's very own patented BMotion sensor technology, allowing it to deliver fast, non-invasive, and accurate temperature readings.

Normal body temperature can vary among people with age. With that, when connected through Bluetooth to the app, BCool will be able to keep track of one's body temperature for an unlimited number of different household members.

BCool Stores REadings to Help Eliminate Guesswork

BCool will also store the readings for a certain user-determined amount of time in order to show the temperature progression and eliminate total guesswork. BCool also lets its users enter notes including symptoms and over-the-counter and prescribed medications while allowing the data to be shared with a medical provider.

From simply checking for low-grade fever due to flu or a common cold, BCool is expected to help to monitor one's temperature through a non-intrusive approach.

Here's How to Operate BCool:

  • Shake the device a few times then press the button
  • Hold or maybe slide it slowly across one's forehead (it is not necessary that the device make direct contact with the person's skin)
  • Read the results on the thermometer immediately
  • Opt to send the temperature readings to the official BCool app
  • In order to add notes for a household member, simply visit the family dashboard located on the app
  • BCool is waterproof and is very easy to clean

BCool Mentioned as CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree

BCool was mentioned as a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree when it came to Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy in recognition of the uniqueness of the connected thermometer. BCool is styled for simplicity while also being made out of recycled plastic.

BCool is Baracoda's first healthcare product designed for not just function but also sustainability. The device is battery-free and mercury-free, containing no toxic chemicals that could end up in landfills.

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BCool Turns Into a Good Choice for Families with Babies, Toddlers, or Household Members with Unexpected Fever

Users also won't lose their data whenever they decide to change batteries since they will never really have to worry about a lifeless battery from BCool's extended storage or to look for replacements due to the battery not needing to be changed.

Ease of use has made the BCool a good choice for families with babies, toddlers, or maybe even household members who spike an unexpected fever. With that BCool is expected to be available for retail in the fourth quarter of this year.

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