Time runs so fast, and we did not notice that it has been 15 years since Apple introduced the first iPhone to the public. Since it was first launched in 2007, Apple has continued enhancing this technology.  

Celebrating 15th Anniversary of First iPhone Introduced By Apple: Here are Apple Smartphone's Major Changes From 2007 to 2021!
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Right now, it is one of the most advanced and expensive smartphones in the market. Thanks to Apple's efforts, iPhone was able to receive different upgrades, such as the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. 

iPhone's Progression From 2007 to 2021 

Apple first introduced iPhone back in 2007. Although it only sported 4GB of storage, it was able to make some noise in the smartphone industry. 

In 2008, Apple consumers started to like iPhone since it received various enhancements from the tech giant manufacturer. Most of these are still offered today, such as GPS, push notifications, App Store, and 3G connectivity. 

Apple decided to follow up a third-gen iPhone in 2009, which offers 16GB of storage and more efficient features at only $199, which is half of the original price ($499). 

Aside from the mentioned details above, Mashable listed other things that happened until 2021: 

Celebrating 15th Anniversary of First iPhone Introduced By Apple: Here are Apple Smartphone's Major Changes From 2007 to 2021!
(Photo : Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

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  • 2010: Arrival of the front-facing camera, new retina display. 
  • 2011: Siri's arrival. 
  • 2012: Apple integrated the lightning port. 
  • 2013: Apple launches the first two-tiered iPhone model (iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s). 
  • 2014: iPhone's size was increased. 
  • 2015: Apple introduced more rounded iPhone models. 
  • 2016: iPhone's headphone jack was removed. 
  • 2017: Apple released the iPhone's first version of Face ID. 
  • 2018: New edge-to-edge iPhone models were launched. 
  • 2019: Apple added more lenses to new iPhone models, making the new camera setup a three-lens design. 
  • 2020: iPhone finally received a 5G connectivity feature, allowing you to have a faster and smoother browsing experience. 
  • 2021: Apple made small improvements in battery life, camera, and other features, but there are actually no new integrations.  

iPhone 14 Will Not Have a Mini Version? 

According to Toms Guide's latest report, Apple decided to cancel the upcoming iPhone 14 Mini version. 

The giant tech firm is believed to be replacing the tiny version of the iPhone 14 with a new 6.7-inch variant. If you want to see more details about the iPhone 14 Mini cancellation, you can visit this link

In other news, the Apple VR headset is expected to arrive this 2022. Meanwhile, Apple Watch received an upgrade to open smart locks. 

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