NASA's Mega Moon rocket, the SLS, is now preparing for its first showcase and appearance to the public to let the world see its wings and glory. The famous space rocket is for the upcoming Artemis moon mission that aims to bring back humans to the lunar surface and feature the first women to step foot on the natural satellite. 

NASA SLS: Mega Moon Rocket to Show Up in Public for the First Time

NASA Artemis Moon Mission: SLS Mega Moon Rocket
(Photo : NASA/Frank Michaux)
A close-up view of the Artemis I Space Launch System rocket inside High Bay 3 of the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Sept. 20, 2021.

NASA is aiming to showcase the Mega Moon rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), by mid-February this year, and it is now inviting the media to witness the event for a showcase to the world. The showcase would feature the towering might of the SLS, especially as it would be one of the first appearances it will have for the world to see. 

The venture would show the world that the United States and NASA are ready for its next mission to bring humans back to the Moon, focusing on the tech it developed for years. The mega moon rocket aims to bring the many cargoes that the astronauts would carry during their stint and research the natural satellite before they return for discoveries and more. 

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NASA's Artemis Moon Mission: SLS Rocket in Preparation

According to NASA, the Artemis I Moon Mission is now preparing the SLS rocket for its readiness once the time comes for its launch and mission. 

The SLS rocket will soon showcase its enormous body to the public, bringing the world to understand and see the many innovations NASA put on this new spacecraft. 

Not only that, but it would also address the other rockets intended for the mission, with Artemis II, Artemis III, Artemis IV, and so forth. 

NASA: Artemis Moon Mission and Future Crew Flights

The NASA Artemis Moon Mission is one of the most awaited historic flights of the United States, attempting to return humans to the lunar satellite after 50 years since 1972. The next flight would land on the Moon by 2024, if not, 2025 to be the earliest launch of the space agency, under a series of missions towards the satellite. 

The national space agency spent a lot on the project already, and by the time it reaches its launch, NASA estimates a massive $93 billion for the mission alone. The space race and tasks are costly, and while this may cost America a lot of dollars, it would allow the country to learn more and study a lot in outer space. 

The Moon is a symbol of hope and aspirations to many, as it is an object that is frequently seen during the night's clear skies but cannot be taken in hand by anyone. The preparations now involving the SLS rocket will help in its readiness by 2024, taking up astronauts and the hopes of humankind to space and beyond. 

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