Magic Leap offered its 2022 AR Glasses to different health tech startups so that its technology gets integration into various fields and disciplines. The initiative of Magic Leap aims to bring health tech to the virtual and augmented reality world, opening up the device to a more technological approach to help and better its application.

Magic Leap: 2022 AR for Health Tech; How Will the Device Work?

Magic Leap 2022 AR Glasses Integrates Health Tech to its Features
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Magic Leap 2022 AR Glasses Integrates Health Tech to its Features.

Magic Leap is looking forward to 2022, and it is because version two of its popular AR glasses is coming to redeem itself and the company. According to Magic Leap, it will bring AR integration to wearable technology and health-tech as it partnered with several startups to focus on medical-related features. 

The device will work as intended, bringing augmented reality through the lens of the device for people to see more than what meets the eye. It would provide a display for all needs, especially what it initially promised on its release. 

However, Magic Leap aims for better AR glasses now, especially as it would bring a new breed of wearable technology for the public to see. 

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Magic Leap's 2022 AR Headset Partners for Health Tech

The famous AR company partnered with health tech startups like SentiAR, a company known for developing a 3D model of the heart that a doctor will operate on for better references. Imagine its integration with the AR glasses, giving the surgeon a better understanding of the procedure. 

SyncThink, Heru, and Brainlab are among the other startups that are working on the integration for the Magic Leap AR Glasses for 2022. 

Magic Leap and the AR Headset Industry

The launch of Magic Leap's first version of the AR headset is a massive phenomenon in the industry, and this is because it received mixed reviews from enthusiasts and experts. It is noteworthy that the AR headset costs as much as $2,300 for a device that did not deliver on most of its promises to the public. 

The company brought disappointment to its buyers during its first release. 

Oculus VR's founder Palmer Luckey even said that the Magic Leap AR glasses disappointed his expectations, which was massive for the famous company. The first headset's criticisms include being a waste of money, especially with the price point that does not compensate for the feature it brings for its user.

The second take on Magic Leap is different, especially with what the company offers now. The integration of health tech is a massive thing on the AR glasses, and it would give it the rightful take on the glasses that would be better than its previous take on it. 

Magic Leap 2 is coming by mid-2022, and its arrival is already making waves regarding its necessity and functions, as people expect an upgrade from its previous release. 

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