Web 3.0 Is Coming: Top 5 Crypto & Blockchain Projects That Are Leading the Transformation
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In the latter half of 2021, everyone was abuzz about Web3; what was it, and how was it on track to change our world? Up until the 2010s, most of us were making use of either the Web1 or the Web2 versions of the internet. The former was a 'read-only' version of the internet that users could search and access information from but could not communicate with or interact with. Web2, the version we currently use, is the version of the internet that allows for user-generated content and has more emphasis on engagement. 

As many of us know at this point, Web3 is apparently the next stage in the internet's evolution and will have massive implications for its users; more intuitive AI systems and a more robust user experience. This is because Web3 is, by its nature, decentralized, and self-governing, which means that peer-to-peer platforms will be at its centre. Naturally, this version of the internet will rely heavily on decentralized tools like cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs.  

In 2022, this concept will be explored even more and much of this exploration is being pushed by many innovative crypto and blockchain projects. From x to x, here are the top crypto and blockchain projects ushering in Web3: 

1. Cirus

Cirus is bringing data and Web 3.0 together by enabling users to turn their data into cryptocurrency, and use it as the onramp to the new digital economy. Cirus flips the script on large corporations who take your data for free, and use it to generate billions. Instead, users can control, monetize and earn from their own data - the way it should be - using an entire suite of services, from a web browser extension, to mobile apps, to a wifi router that supercharges data monetization. 

Beyond just monetization, data is well on its way to being the asset of the future, interwoven into Web 3 and the Metaverse to open up new services, new financial opportunities, and entirely new types of markets. With Cirus, you will own this asset and can plug directly into a Web 3.0 platform to take advantage of all of these opportunities, with an asset you generate passively - your data. Cirus has already released their browser extension for Chrome, which enables users to start earning from their data right away. They also have orders for one million routers from a major ISP. It looks like Cirus may be the right solution to bring millions of users into Web 3.

2. Frontier 

Web3 is getting more traction, and new users are coming into NFTs and DeFi. Frontier makes it easy for users to access DeFi and NFTs using its mobile app. Frontier is a crypto & DeFi wallet where users can send, store, and invest in 4000+ assets. Earn passive interest by staking crypto assets, tracking NFTs and exploring web3 apps from a single place.

Frontier supports leading blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Harmony, BSC and 10+ blockchains making it easy for users to access the latest blockchains on the go.

3. Libre DeFi 

These days, there is no limit to what we can do with DeFi and Libre DeFi is staying on top of it all. Some of the features the libredefi.io platform offers include token swapping, yield farming, governance, and stablecoins. In Web3 and beyond, the plethora of services that are available to customers is only going to grow and LibreDeFi appears determined to keep up.

The company currently has plans to introduce NFT boosts, Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) which will be one of their business-to-business partner propositions, an IDO Launchpad for new token allocations and a Play-2-Earn gaming experience (P2E) all as part of their DeFi ecosystem. This means that LibreDeFi will continue to be relevant within the DeFi space as it moves into the next phase of Web3.

4. Bird

The emergence of Web3 has implications not only for users and their overall experience, but for blockchain developers as well. Bird is addressing this market need by providing dApp developers access to rich analytic data by way of their on-chain oracle.  This will enable blockchain developers with the tools to create dApps and products that resemble  a more personalized user experience-comparable to what users are familiar with on Web2 platforms- on Web3 as it continues to evolve. 

As the company explains, predictive analytics and blockchain development can work hand-in-hand to create not only the future of blockchains but of the internet as a whole. The result of this is a user experience that is directly tailored towards Web3 and will secure blockchain's place well into the future.

5. 420 DAO

When it comes to Web3, decentralization is the name of the game and few concepts have the potential to lift the industry to new height quite like Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). As DAOs are on track to play a big role in Web3, 420 DAO is trying to make sure there is quality and diversity in the sector.

Through their in-house development team and their DAO treasury, 420 DAO will help to develop and fund most-needed innovative Web3 projects. While there is obviously the commercial aspect to DAOs, 420 DAO differentiation comes from their emphasis on creating projects that will serve the public good. All the projects will be decentralised from day one and therefore are voted on by the community, making sure that the transition to Web3 is as democratic as possible.


Web3 as we know it is on track to forever change the internet and the impact of blockchain in this change cannot be overlooked. From helping to create more intuitive systems to facilitate payments across the Web3 interface, blockchain projects are clearly leading the way and it will be interesting to see how they play out. 

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