Imagine a future where the police will no longer pull drivers over in order to issue warnings or tickets. Well, for those living in the city of Windcrest, which is northeast of San Antonio in Texas, this future is now a reality as cops can now text drivers their warnings or tickets.

Windcrest to Launch Trusted Driver Program

Windcrest is expected to launch the brand new Trusted Driver Program on Saturday. The new program aims to reduce interactions made between the cops and the public for certain minor traffic violations.

This particular web-based program is the very first of its kind in the United States. It allows officers to send drivers an SMS message that contains information on their traffic violation instead of having to pull them over. It will also indicate the fine, if applicable. 

Program Not a Complete Solution but a Step in the Right Direction

A former San Antonio Police Department officer and the CEO of the Trusted Driver Program, Val Garcia, shared with the local KEN5 station that the program should not be considered a complete solution but rather just a step in the right direction.

Per Garcia, if they are able to minimize the interactions for minor traffic violations, police will then have more time to dedicate to serious crimes.

Windcrest is the very first city to pilot the particular program, although it could expand to more cities in the future.

How the Program Could be Beneficial for Drivers

According to the story by Gizmodo, signing up for the free program looks to be very straightforward. Drivers in Windcrest have to go to the Trusted Driver Program website and create a profile. They will be asked to input their name, address, vehicle, insurance info, and other information.

The drivers can also choose to provide any voluntary disclosures, which include medical conditions or disabilities. Garcia explained that the information, which can include details such as if a driver is deaf or has PTSD,  diabetes, autism, and the like, can be key should officers have no choice but to pull someone over.

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Trusted Driver Program Promises Not to Sell, Share, or Provide Into to Companies or Vendors

Garcia noted that the program really gives an officer information much faster within the field in order to handle traffic violations when they occur. To add, the Trusted Driver Program notes that it will never share, sell, or provide the given info that users include to any company or vendor.

As KEN5 explained, police using the Trusted Driver Program who witness a minor traffic violation can run the car's license and confirm who the driver of the vehicle is. After this, police can then use the Trusted Driver Program info and send a warning or ticket through text to the driver.

On a more positive note, police can also send drivers text messages should they be doing a good job when it comes to following traffic laws.The Trusted Driver Program allows users to pay and manage their tickets online as well.

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