A coordinated investigation between the United States and Russia led to the capture of hackers who are likely responsible for one of the largest cyberattacks ever recorded. The reason why this news is extremely important is because it is the first time the two countries cooperated together in an investigation in the last eight years.

Russia Captured Hackers Behind the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

According to the story by Engadget, Russia has now captured hackers who are likely responsible for the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. In addition, this is the first US investigation that Russia has decided to cooperate within the last eight years. 

The hacker behind the infamous ransomware attack that affected Colonial Pipeline in 2021 has reportedly been apprehended by Russian authorities as cited by US officials and reported on CNN.

Russia's FSB Intelligence Announced 14 People Associated with REvil Ransomware Group

Russia's very own Federal Security Service, otherwise known as FSB, noted on Friday that 14 people who are said to be associated with the REvil ransomware group have finally been arrested, per a report by The Wall Street Journal. To add, the group has taken responsibility for a number of cyberattacks in the United States as well.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Russian government themselves have announced that they arrested some members of the prolific criminal ransomware group known as REvil. REvil has been blamed for a number of major attacks against certain United States businesses and critical infrastructure, causing a disruption to their operations.

Halted REvil 'Illegal Activities' and Seized Funds

The arrest was done at the request of authorities from the United States.Per an online press release by the FSB,  they have halted REvil's "illegal activities" and seized funds that belonged to the group of over two dozen residents in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other places.

Officials in the US now believe that the hackers behind the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that happened last spring was among those that were arrested. This is according to an unnamed administration official's statement to CNN.

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2021 Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack Results

During the massive cyberattack that took place in 2021, which was attributed directly to a ransomware gang, a significant disruption was caused to the Colonial Pipeline, which is responsible for supplying nearly half of the fuel being used for the entire east coast of the United States.

The temporary shutdown of the said pipeline then caused mass panic buying at gas stations around the east coast of the country. This then resulted in shortages of gas in at least 11 different states as reported by NPR.

As noted by CNN, the arrest now comes after a week of diplomatic talks between both the United States and Russia regarding Russia's own buildup of troops nearing the border of Ukraine.

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