As exciting as witnessing all the emerging technology being unveiled at CES 2015 is, the truth is, when you're there, it is just a whole lot of waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

So what's a techie to do when the next keynote is hours away? Why, you get together with some of your pals, whip out an iPhone 6, and play soccer, of course!

The boys don't hold back as they bust out their moves on the poor iPhone. If their little game doesn't put an end to #bendgate, I have no idea what will.

Other Apple geeks have put the new iPhone 6 through some pretty torturous experiments in the name of durability, pressure testing and quality control. Well, who are we kidding? It's just awesome to see an iPhone blow up.

A while back, we showed you how one YouTube user tried to boil his iPhone, bake it in a turkey, smash it with a hammer, and even turned it into a Molotov cocktail!

These techies sure know how to have fun. Hats off to the guy who volunteered his iPhone 6 for this CES 2015 downtime soccer game -- especially at the 1:03 mark where the phone is kicked directly into a wall. That resounding "klunk!" sound was not lost on all the players, and a moment of a collective breath was held to see if the iPhone was still in one piece.

Wouldn't you know it, just the protective band around the smartphone became a casualty of the beautiful game. The iPhone 6 itself survived the ordeal despite being kicked, stepped on, and put through a thorough thrashing that one would expect in a game of iPhone soccer -- but we don't think we'll be seeing it at the World Cup any time soon. But hey, at least we know that Phantom Glass screens really are unbreakable.

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