Everybody has their favorite version of the Batmobile: some prefer the animated version, others prefer Tim Burton's model and some love the 'Tumbler' version (and nobody likes Schumacher's variant). It's something that's somehow divisive and universally loved at the same time - something only the Batman could pull off.

There's any number of reasons as to why someone would prefer one Batmobile over another, but there's a reason why little Collin Earl will always love Nolan's version: he gets to ride around in it.

Or, at the very least, a smaller version of it:

Let's be perfectly honest: very few people would ever expect to be jealous of a toddler, but just one look at that Batmobile stroller is enough to inspire envy of a baby. Just look at it: it's a fully-articulated, pint-sized version of the Tumbler Batmobile! Sure, it'd be a bit small for anyone else to use, but who wouldn't want a professionally-made replica Batmobile to ride around in?

The level of detail is absolutely insane, too: sure, it's not a working, multi-plated, armored version of the Nolan Batmobile, but the sheer number of different parts and little touches that went into making the mini-Tumbler is astonishing. The team over at Super-Fan Builds even included tiny windows and hydraulic systems - there are a lot of Hollywood movies that don't include such a level of detail in their props!

Then again, maybe such an insane level of detail was to be expected; after all, this is the same team that put together the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired swingset a while back.

Either way, little Collin Earl is going to be the most popular kid in school for a long time.

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