Walter Isaacson may have penned the life story of Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs, but he feels Google has beaten Apple when it comes to innovation.

Speaking in an interview with CNBC, Isaacson said Google's Nest Labs' acquisition is a more significant development than Apple's iPhone deal with China Mobile.

"Google buying Nest shows an amazingly strong, integrated strategy that Google has to connect all of our devices, all of our lives ... the Internet of things is actually real, there are these devices we're gonna want to have and Google's going to get ahead of that game," Isaacson said.

Th author of the best-selling biography "Steve Jobs" also pointed out that Google has scored a massive win because Nest co-founder Tony Fadell, who will be joining Google, well understood Apple culture when the company was "so innovative."

"Fadell was one of the team that created the iPod. He was very deep into the Apple culture ... when Apple was so innovative ... Now Tony Fadell is going to Google because he's part of the Nest deal," he said.

Acknowledging China Mobile partnership as a "big deal" for Apple, Isaacson added it was time for Apple CEO Tim Cook to show big things in pipeline that he has often talked about.

"Steve Jobs was a disruptor," Isaacson said. "I think that now Tim Cook has done this big thing in China, he's got two things to do now: take over the company ... In the late February shareholders meeting, they probably have to start thinking about who should be on the board next. This board is all Steve Jobs' people. They aren't exactly the Tim Cook fan club. Second, he's got to say 'What am I going to disrupt? Is it going to be wearables? Is it going to be a watch? Is it going to be TV?' We ought to see, in 2014, Apple do something huge."

Apple's iPhone and iPad are considered as the most disruptive innovation in the history of consumer technology, while Google, apart from making promising announcements, is yet to release a product that would affect the lives of mainstream consumers.

In a poll "Has Google unseated Apple as king of innovation?", conducted by CNBC, at the time of writing this story, a total 2659 people had voted. Thirty nine percent of them voted "yes, definitely" while 21 percent of them voted "No, never! Apple will always be king of innovation". Twenty three percent of them were of the notion that Apple was fading and would soon be dethroned by Google while eight percent of them believed that neither of the company were at the top so far as innovation is concerned.

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