According to a new ranking from the American Bible Society, it appears that there are many cities across America that are Godless. But what exactly does "Godless" mean? 

In its third annual study of America's Most Bible-Minded Cities, the American Bible Society ranked the cities that most and least embrace the Bible. The Society ranked the cites based on respondents that reported to reading the Bible in the past seven days and who strongly believe in the holy book's accuracy. The data is based on telephone and online interviews with 62,896 adults over a 10-year period, ending in 2014.

They found that Birmingham, Alabama was the most Bible-minded. Huntsville, Alabama also ranked high, earning a holy number 12 on the list. Chattanooga, Tenn. took home the prize of the second most Bible-minded city.

And while cities in the Bible Belt did well, making up most of the top ten list, some East Coast cities didn't rank so bad either.

But overall, only 27 percent of the U.S. population were found to be Bible-minded. God apparently doesn't have a big presence in Providence, R.I., New Bedford, Mass., Albany, N.Y., and Boston, Mass.

Sin City, better known as Las Vegas, was found at no surprise to also be on the least Bible-minded list along with San Francisco, and Rapids, Iowa.

But the American Bible Society's ranking did not sit well with God-fearing believers in some of these cities. released its own study based on how often people use its Bible-searching software.

They found that Atlanta, GA. is the most Bible-read city, followed by Dallas/ Forth Worth, Texas. However, this ranking does not take into account whether or not these Bible readers find the scriptures to be true. Looks like Godlessness is quite the contentious debate. 

[Photo Credit: Chris Yarzab/Flickr]

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