People have done crazy things in the past, and while this story is not as crazy as many actions taken by individuals with authority, it should still be seen as complete madness. A pastor recently confessed to his congregation that he punched a kid in the chest, and he's proud of it.

One might wonder, why is he bragging about punching a child in the chest? Well, it is all because he believed that the punch he delivered helped in persuading the kid to go with the Lord. As stupid as it might sound, it appears that is his reasoning and he has no regrets.

The pastor said the kid was giving him a hard time, and because the child was "smart," it made him more dangerous. Therefore, the pastor chose to walk over to this kid and punched him in the chest with all his might. According to this crazed out pastor, he "crumpled the kid."

He then said that he leaned over to the kid, who goes by the name of Ben, and said, "Ben, when are you going to stop playing games with God?" He then uttered that there are times when punching someone in the chest is needed.

Clearly, this pastor is a mad man and could be on some form of drug. No one in his or her right mind would go ahead and punch a kid in the chest for no reason at all. Allow the young man to decide whether or not he wants to go with the Lord because actions like these are forceful.

Now, we know a lot of people are going to point fingers at religious people and say how violent they are. However, don't be an ignorant candy; just remember that even folks who are not religious do crazy things as well. This has nothing to do with a certain set of people, but everyone.

We have no idea who this pastor is, but man, if you are reading this, then you are the one who is playing games with God. Surely, the Bible did not say one should punch people in the chest in order to bring them over to the light.

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