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Researchers Construct Face Of God Based On Survey Of American Christians

What does God look like? Psychologists constructed a composite image of God based on how a sample of American Christians perceive him to be. Here's why the result is surprising.

Feature | Science June 14, 2018

Number Of Americans Who Believe In God Reaches All-Time Low

Fewer Americans believe in God and this has reached to lowest numbers in 2014. Majority of Americans still believe in afterlife despite fewer people joining religious activities and services.

Society March 22, 2016

Atheism Not A Modern Invention: Book Claims Disbelief In The Supernatural Thrived In Ancient Times

Disbelief in supernatural beings or gods thrived in the ancient times. This challenges previous assumptions that atheism is a product of modernization.

Society February 19, 2016

Belief In All-Knowing, Punitive Gods Tied To Development Of Modern-Day Societies

The belief in omniscient, punitive and moralistic gods may have played a key role in the formation of modern-day societies. Sharing religious beliefs and practices brings together individuals to form a social system.

Society February 11, 2016

Einstein's Letters About Theory Of Relativity, God, And 25 Other Letters Sold For $$$

The California-based auction house Profiles in History auctioned off several works written by the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein on various topics. The historic items, known as the Einstein Letters, were sold for $420,000.

June 13, 2015

Is God In Your City? Here Are The Most Godless Cities In America

The American Bible Society released its third annual ranking of the most and least Bible-minded cities in America.

Internet Culture January 21, 2015

Pastor Says He Punched Kid in the Chest for Not Being Serious about God

This crazy pastor told his congregation that he once punched a kid in the chest because he wasn't taking the Lord seriously. For some reason, that punch brought the kid to the Lord.

Internet Culture January 15, 2015

Cult complex dating back to pre-Jesus era, unearthed in Israel

The Canaanite storm god Baal may have been worshiped at the 3,300 year old cult complex discovered at the archeological site Tel Burna in Israel. Other artifacts found at the site suggest the occurrence of sacrificial rituals.

Animals October 15, 2014

Atheist Stephen Hawking denies existence of 'God': Science 'more convincing explanation' for universe

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking believes that science offers more plausible explanation on the origin of the universe and says God does not exist.

Space September 30, 2014

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