If you're a fan of James Patterson thrillers than his latest book is for you. In a publicity stunt to promote his latest book Private Vegas, Patterson has joined forces with Mother New York to release digital copies that will self-destruct after 24-hours.

That means readers will have to race against the clock in one short day to finish the virtual page tuner. Readers can unlock the free digital copy on selfdestructingbook.com. Only 1,000 book nerds will get access to the digital copy. But don't worry, for slow and steady readers who like to digest each word, permanent copies of Private Vegas will be available on January 26.

But if you like the thought of your book blowing up, than one lucky Patterson fan will get the chance to buy a single physical copy of the self-destructing book, that is if you have $294,038. The book even comes with its very own digital countdown display so you can embrace your inner Jack Bauer.

This special copy also comes signed from the author and includes a private dinner with Patterson himself. The lucky fan will fly first class to an undisclosed location of luxury to enjoy the five-course meal. And the night will be action-packed. There will be a bomb squad on premise as will as other special features.

"We wanted to think of a way to create something for him that is equally as thrilling as his writing," said Mother New York creative Bella Castano. We had to figure out how to actually execute the idea and fly someone out to a remote location and have a bomb squad there," she added.

Even though this sounds like a great marketing play, Patterson's works sell themselves. He has sold about 300 million copies. Still, the self-destructing book is right of the alley of the thrill and suspense author.

"He doesn't look at himself as just an author," said Castano. "He sees himself as an entertainer."

Check out a promo for the book below.

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