New Hampshire Couple Receives Bag of Cash from Burger King Instead of Chicken Sandwich and Tea


Whoever thought that a fast food drive-thru could make you feel like a king? That's exactly what one woman from Rochester, New Hampshire experienced as she made a quick stop at Burger King to get food but ended up leaving the restaurant like a lottery winner.

Janelle Jones drove through Burger King on the way home to get a quick snack last Friday afternoon. But she got a big surprise when she opened the brown bag and found cash amounting to $2,631 instead of the sweet tea and junior spicy chicken sandwich she originally ordered.

Jones immediately called her husband Matthew to ask advice on what to do with her extremely lucky find. Instead of keeping the money for themselves, the honest couple decided to return the cash when they realized that it was the restaurant's bank deposit money that had been mistakenly handed out as her take-out order.

Matthew Jones admitted that for a split-second they contemplated on keeping the money that certainly would have been of great use to them. But the couple's strong faith as Jehovah's Witnesses urged them to return the whole amount back to the Burger King branch.

"We are not perfect human beings. Jehovah sees everything. It felt a lot better than keeping it," he said.

It turns out their trip back to the restaurant to return the cash was just in time. The employee accountable for the mistake was not fired for the error and was given a chance to keep working at the establishment due to the recovery of the funds that were accidentally given away.

The fast food branch confirmed the couple's account of what happened but did not comment further on it.

"A manager told me they would give me five free meals. [He] said he talked to the corporate office and they said to tell me 'thank you.'" Janelle said.

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