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Hot Tea Nearly Doubles Risk Of Esophageal Cancer: Study

Drinking piping hot tea is shown to be linked to esophageal cancer, nearly doubling the risk of the disease. The new study reveals the connection, becoming the first time researchers showed a link with a specific temperature.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 21, 2019

Coffee Or Tea: Which Is Better For Your Health?

More than 75 percent of people drink coffee, while 40 percent of people drink tea. Both offer many health benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Which is better for your health, coffee or tea?

Healthy Living/Wellness March 11, 2018

Love Drinking Tea? These Are The Best Herbal Teas For Your Health

Love drinking tea? There are many different types of tea, including chamomile tea, black tea, and green tea. We've compiled a list of the best herbal teas to improve your health.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 1, 2018

Hot Tea May Increase Risk For Esophageal Cancer In Cigarette Smokers And Alcohol Drinkers

A study involving nearly 500,000 adults in China suggests that smokers and heavy drinkers who drink hot tea regularly may have increased risk of developing esophageal cancer. How can the hot beverage cause the potentially fatal disease?

Public Health February 6, 2018

Microwaving Tea Could Bring Health Benefits: Is Everyone Convinced?

Microwaving green tea could have health benefits per a 2012 study. The study asserted that microwave heat used to brew tea, makes the drink healthier and tastier.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 12, 2017

Toxic Tea: San Francisco Woman Dies After Drinking Poison Brew From Chinatown Herbalist

A San Francisco woman died after drinking herbal tea she bought from a Chinatown shop. The brew was found to contain aconite, a deadly plant-based toxin often used as a herbal medicine.

Public Health March 21, 2017

Daily Cup Of Tea Protects Elderly Against Cognitive Decline

Researchers have found that drinking one cup of tea can help the elderly in preventing cognitive decline. The study was carried out on Chinese people but it could be applied to all races.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 21, 2017

Toxin Found In Tea Bought At Chinatown Shop: What Other Harmful Ingredients Are There In Popular Brew?

Two individuals in San Francisco fell ill after drinking tea that contains toxin from an aconite plant. Here are other health risks associated with drinking this popular beverage.

Public Health March 13, 2017

Master Pouring The Perfect Cup Of Tea With The 42tea Connected Cube And App

42tea is the connected cube and app system that instructs the user on how to brew the perfect cup of tea based on that particular variety.

Gadgets September 19, 2016

Peppermint Tea May Help Boost Long And Short-Term Memory

Peppermint tea may help enhance mood and memory, a new study has found. Experts say that compared to chamomile, which has calming effects, peppermint tea provides more alertness and cognition to people, especially in older adults.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 30, 2016

Teforia Is A Tea Brewing Robot That Uses Algorithms To Pour The Perfect Cup

Teforia is the at-home tea-brewing machine that uses algorithms to master your perfect cup of exotic blends.

Gadgets October 29, 2015

Tea, Cocoa And Fruit Good For Cardiovascular Health: Study

Like your daily cup of tea? You may be on the right path to ensuring good cardiovascular health, according to a study, thanks to flavanols.

Life September 11, 2015

21 Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks You Need To Order Now

We all have favorite drinks that we love to order at Starbucks. But there's a whole world of drinks on the Starbucks Secret Menu that you need to try right now.

Feature March 3, 2015

New Hampshire Couple Receives Bag of Cash from Burger King Instead of Chicken Sandwich and Tea

A woman felt like she just won the lottery when she found cash in her take-out bag at Burger King instead of tea and a sandwich.

Internet Culture January 26, 2015

Coffee genome sequenced: Here's what we know

An analysis of the coffee's genome sheds light on the plant's caffeine-producing ability and what is responsible for its unique taste and aroma.

Life September 5, 2014

Coffee genome reveals secrets of our morning cup of joe: Its potential, our dependency

We love coffee for its caffeine, but what benefit to the coffee plant would make it evolve the ability to create it, researchers ask. Newly sequenced genome of coffee offers some possible answers, they say.

Animals September 4, 2014

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