Winter Storm Juno Can't Stop A Game Of Beer Pong On 1st Avenue


For all of humanity's faults, there is something that no one can deny: we are a resilient species. Our ability to adapt to the world around us has led to our domination of the planet, and we stand as the most intelligent form of life on the planet Earth. There is nothing that we can't overcome, and maybe one day, our ceaseless determination and strength will take us into the night sky and towards the stars.

Until then, we'll just have to make use of our resilience in a different way...say, a frozen game of beer pong in the middle of 1st Avenue in Manhattan.


Snowmageddon 2015 may have blasted the Northeast Coast last night, but that didn't stop a group of friends from having a bit of fun. New York City was essentially deserted last night, meaning that anyone could do just about anything in the streets. Apparently, the fridge just wasn't cold enough, in which case, the friends took the beer outside into the snow.

While some may question how the group wasn't arrested for public drunkenness, it's still pretty a drunk sort of way. Sure, the one guy jumps on and slides across the table, but isn't it impressive that they're all out there in the first place?

The full five-minute video shows the entire process: the setup, the 'game' (it never really starts), a fire engine honking, and the inevitable drunken shenanigans. There's even a bit of drunken, slightly awkward snow wrestling and belligerent drunken shouting thrown in for good measure. Of course, the whole thing ends with one of the players jumping onto the table and nearly snapping the thing in half, which is pretty much the only suitable ending to the whole thing.

It may not be the smartest thing to do, but that doesn't make the game of frozen 1st Avenue beer pong any less awesome.

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