#Blizzardof2015: Twitterverse on Empty Streets, Funny Memes, Other Crazy Ideas


As many in the East Coast were hunkering down and preparing for what was being touted as the biggest storm of the century, many also chose to forego the warnings and took to the cold, empty streets to create some of the most hilarious #Blizzardof2015 memes.

Although the worst of the storm is still to come, according to forecasts, that's not stopping some creative minds on Twitter and all over the Internet from making the best of the extreme weather and keeping us all warm and in good spirits by filling us all with laughter.

Many photos being posted on social media make the streets of New York look eerie and almost apocalyptic because -- perhaps for the first time ever -- the streets of the Big Apple are devoid of traffic and pedestrians due to the travel ban imposed by the city in preparation for the blizzard.

Meanwhile, one principal from Moses Brown in Rhode Island must have been waiting all winter for this most excellent opportunity to reveal this music video parody of Frozen's "Let it Go" aptly titled "School is Closed." Geeks of all fandoms are having a blast with the winter-themed memes and pop-culture references.

Most people are just trying to keep warm and make the most of Snowmageddon any way they can.

Finally, the #Blizzardof2015 or #Snowmageddon2015 or #Juno or however you want to hashtag it, has brought out some stunningly beautiful photos of the Earth and other familiar landmarks from a whole new snowy perspective.

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