Bruno Mars may be content to travel with Oprah and Queen Elizabeth -- if he were a billionaire, that is. Why stop there? What would you do with $18 billion? That's exactly how much profit Apple made for its Q1 of the fiscal year 2015 of the record high revenue of $74.6 billion. If you happen to have that much loose change lying around, we've got a few ideas for you right here.

Sure, you can buy luxury apartments all over the world, the fastest crystal-encrusted sports cars, or a whole private island complete with mansions and staff serving you, only you. But here are some other interesting things you can get with your $18 billion.

Feeling generous? You can pay off Detroit's debt for $18 billion. (But we have a feeling you won't be spending it there.)

How about this for your charitable heart? Save the world and have some change to spare. Clean water for every man, woman and child on the planet would only cost you $10 billion.

Are you a music aficionado? Does your iPod have everyone from every genre, from Beyoncé to Il Divo? Then you can get yourself the entire world music Industry for $16 billion.

Nothing is more cool than a car with a 'stache (roll with us on this one). Make every car feel like a macho man. You can buy a cool 450 million car mustaches.

The company Golden Spike is offering a round trip for two to the moon, including a moon walk, for a mere $1.5 billion. You and that special someone can take 12 gravity-defying trips!

Not quite ready to take the giant leap into outer space? Satisfy your need to explore the final frontier from the safety of Earth by buying the Hubble Space Telescope instead, for only $10 billion. (You can still go on five moon walks after that acquisition.)

Want to own your very own country? Iceland's a pretty cool place. It will cost you a mere $14 billion. You'll even have some change to spare!

Iceland not your style? Get your rasta on by purchasing Jamaica instead, for $15 billion. (We won't even mention the greens you can buy with the rest of your cash, if you know what we mean.)

The staple of every college dorm. The red Solo Cup. You can buy the company 18 times over with your $18 billion.

You can also get the Toronto Maple Leafs team 18 times over ... But then again, would you want to?

Share your blessings and save the world by feeding hungry children. $18 billion can buy enough food to feed 6 billion starving mouths.

And what else will you use to feed those children but sporks? 1,278,000,000,000 sporks to be exact. Because you can never have enough sporks.

90 F-35C Lightning II Fighter Jets. Why? Just because you can.

We all need some magic in our lives. And what can be more magical than a mythical unicorn? Turn everyone around you into the majestic beast. Your $18 billion can get you 1,152,000,000 unicorn masks. Everyone can thank you later.

And, of course, while you're at it, you're always welcome to send a billion or two our way. Just sayin'.

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