Looking for a good game for your beloved iPhone? Of course you are. Isn't everyone?

However, with so many different games available on the App Store, the choices can be overwhelming. Thankfully, that's where we come in.

Whether your passion is shooting, running, reasoning or fisticuffs, we've got you covered with our picks for the best free games you can download right now to your gloriously touchscreen, handheld, state-of-the-art, Apple-made wonder phone.

You're welcome.

Action/FPS: N.O.V.A. 3 

First-person shooters don't have a strong track record on touchscreen devices, but this is one you can feel confident with. Fans of Halo, Destiny or Gears of War will feel right at home with this gorgeous sci-fi shooter. Comes with both solo and multiplayer modes.

Adventure: The Perils of Man, Chapter 1 

Genuine adventure games are few and far between in the App store, because Apple isn't discriminatory with what it allows to be listed under its "Adventure" genre. Landing on one that's free and worth playing is even more rare. This freebie isn't very long -- it's only the first chapter of a bigger story -- but it makes a lasting impression. It helps that it was made by some veterans from the old LucasArts adventure days. So yeah, The Perils of Man definitely has the adventure cred you're looking for.

Arcade: Frisbee Forever 2

Sure, you could do what all the cool kids do and play Angry Birds 15 until the end of time, but for some arcade fun that brings along stunning graphics and no shortage of pure joy, try this fast-paced little gem instead. You steer a Frisbee through a bright, colorful world aiming for pickups and avoiding dangers — and trust us, it's loads more fun than that simple description can convey.

Card: Assassin's Creed Memories 

Until Blizzard sees fit to release an iPhone edition of Hearthstone, this better-than-you-expect-it-to-be tie-in to Ubisoft's massive console franchise is no slouch. You'll play across multiple time periods throughout history, as an Assassin or a Templar fighting for dominance. Loads of customization, 20 vs. 20 multiplayer battles and the ability to get help from famous Assassins make this a can't-miss title for card game enthusiasts and Assassin's Creed junkies alike.

Endless Runner: Crazy Taxi: City Rush

Sega's classic console game returns in this superb sequel that incorporates elements of endless runners like Temple Run, while offering expansive content, upgrades, customization that provide considerably more replay value than the original game ever did. Best of all, you control the titular taxi with just one finger.

Fighting: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Warner Bros. scored a big win when it introduced this fighter to console gamers, and surprisingly, the mobile title is nearly as much fun — with the added benefit of being free. In an intriguing twist, it uses card game mechanics for its skill tree and upgrades, allowing you to customize your roster of heroes or villains and their strengths. The fighting is intense and you play via swipe and tap controls designed for touchscreen devices.

Music: Reflec Beat +

This two-player game is hard to describe, but it involves tapping the screen in time with music in a head-to-head battle kind of thing that's sort of like a two-player Breakout. Definitely worth trying out even if you're not into rhythmic games.

Platformer: Penumbear

It ain't new, but it still looks and plays great, and its unique take on platforming — you walk on the edges of light beams — is mind-bending fun. It gets bonus points for being 100% free; there's narry an in-app purchase to be found.

Puzzle: Rise of the Blobs

Bejeweled Blitz is great fun, but for a truly original experience, you can't beat this inventive take on puzzles that mixes in platforming elements and loads of play modes. While there are some familiar mechanics like those found in Tetris and Candy Crush, what makes Rise of the Blobs stand out is its rotating 3D interface and quirky visuals and audio. There's no better feeling than setting off a long chain of Blobs and watching them pop across the entire column.

Racing: Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne brings a console-quality experience to your iPhone that looks and plays like the AAA game it is. There's simply no finer racing game for iOS devices. Period.

RPG: Dungeon Hunter 4

An epic dungeon-crawler in every sense, Dungeon Hunter 3 was a massive hit for Gameloft, thanks to gamers that couldn't get enough of its winning formula of story, fighting and looting. Dungeon Hunter 4 improves on the previous entry in every way, and the stunning graphics are the icing on top.

Strategy/RTS: Vainglory

This new entry in the strategy arena has elements of a MOBA, since you play against other gamers online. It's a sharp, addictive game that plays as good as it looks — and it might just be the prettiest game in the App Store. Compete in daily challenges for in-game rewards, or just hop in for a free-for-all to kill some time. Either way, it's a blast.

Simulation: Tiny Tower

Not everyone appreciates pixelated games anymore (where's the appeal if you have a device that can run high-res graphics?), but if you can get past the retro visuals, Tiny Tower is like manna from Heaven for sim fans. Can you manage this high-rise and keep all of your tenants happy?

Sports: Score! World Goals

It's not your typical sports game, but don't let that stop you from giving a whirl. You'll be rewarded with the opportunity to play out famous goals from recent soccer history. Because fütbol!

Tower Defense: Clash of Clans

Yeah, we know. Clash of Clans is so famous now, it's pretty much a cliché to put it on a pedestal. But Supercell's defense game is already a modern classic, not to mention the highest grossing game in the App Store — purely from in-app purchases. It's phenomenally well made, a feast for the eyes, and it never stops being fun. Just remember: in-app purchases are optional. Be strong and resist the urge!

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