5 Tax Sites Make Filing Easy, And No The IRS Is Not On The List


The tax filing documents are arriving in the mail and piling up on the desk. Unless you know for sure you're due a refund, the tendency by most is to procrastinate, especially given some changes the IRS has implemented on living expenses such as healthcare.

While TurboTax, H&R Block and TaxAct are all very popular tax filing services and software options, and offer some resources for free, there are several sites that don't require you to pay a nickel and are chockful of tips, advice and insight. So stop procrastinating, check out these sites and we have a feeling you'll have that tax return in the mail a few weeks earlier than you've had in the past.

1. OnePrice Taxes

OnePrice Taxes is on the cheaper end of tax services, costing just $19.95 for both federal and state tax filings, regardless of the type of 1040 form filed.

OnePrice Taxes is a good option for those with simple returns as it's simply set up and presents easy to follow directions.

2. TaxSlayer

For those whose returns are a bit more complicated, TaxSlayer may be a good resource as its content is more comprehensive. There are three pricing options for federal returns, including a basic free version, a "Classic" edition for $12.95, and a "Premium" edition for $34.95.

For the free federal version, however, filing the state return costs $23.90, and with the other two versions it costs $14.95.

One of the nice things about TaxSlayer is that it provides audit support and assistance.

3. OnLine Taxes

OnLine Taxes provides users with a cheap flat-fee pricing of $7.95, which lets users import data from last year to get a a year-over-year comparison and there is also an audit feature.

This is another service aimed at the simple tax return.

4. Complete Tax

Complete Tax is another good option for basic filers, and includes a free version and priced versions ranging from $14.95 to $34.95 and state returns ranging from $9.95 to $26.95.

CompleteTax should be used by people who have a pretty good idea of what they need to do, as the company does not provide phone support or free 1040 filings for those with dependants.

5. ezTaxReturn

ezTaxReturn is good for a number of reasons, including the fact the price is the same regardless of the type of 1040 filed. The federal return is $29.95, the state form costs $19.95. The company also offers a discount for those who file both, charging $39.95. The service does not charge extra for those who are self-employed.

The service is very streamlined and easy to use, which is great for those who do not know too much about tax filding.

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