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IRS Is Sending Warning Letters To Taxpayers Who Own Cryptocurrency

More than 10,000 taxpayers who own a cryptocurrency are expected to receive what the IRS called educational letters by the end of August. The letter comes in three variations but all have the same purpose.

Business Tech July 26, 2019

SiriusXM's Howard Stern Sued For Airing IRS Phone Call Live On Satellite Radio Show

Howard Stern is being sued by a woman who says he negligently aired her private IRS phone call live on his SiriusXM satellite radio show. The woman is also suing the U.S. government.

Internet February 16, 2017

Fans Are Trying To Help Save Nelly By Streaming ‘Hot In Herre’ On Repeat

A campaign to help #SaveNelly has kicked off this week, where fans are continuously streaming the rapper’s music in an attempt to get him out of debt.

Celebrities September 15, 2016

The IRS Wants Facebook To Hand Over Ireland Asset Records: Here’s The Reason Why It’s Under Investigation

The IRS filed a petition in U.S. District Court to have Facebook comply with its request to hand over records regarding its asset transfer to Ireland.

Business Tech July 8, 2016

Beware Of Fake IRS Requests: How To Avoid Phishing And Tax Scams

With the tax filling season nearly over, scammers are high at work. We've compiled a list of the most common techniques that con men use to trick sensitive personal information out of you and show how to counter them.

Internet March 19, 2016

IRS Announces Theft Of 101,000 Electronic Filing PINs

The IRS has revealed that it was hacked last month, and that the attackers stole as many as 101,000 electronic filing PINs, something that could allow them to file bogus returns and collect the refunds.

Money February 10, 2016

Computer Failure Temporarily Shuts Down IRS E-File System

The Internal Revenue Service experienced computer hardware failure, causing some systems to shut down. IRS is already assessing the extent of the outage and is dealing with the tax community at this time.

Business February 4, 2016

Authorities Warn Public About IRS Phone Scam: What You Should Know

Government officials have issued a warning to residents regarding con artists posing as IRS agents over the phone. The scammers often use scare tactic, such as threatening a person with imprisonment, unless they pay supposed tax balances or reveal their personal information.

Business February 2, 2016

Hackers Target IRS To Steal Your Financial Information: What To Know And Do

More than 100,000 accounts have been affected after sophisticated hackers believed to be from Russia stole financial information from the IRS.

May 29, 2015

Amazon Tweaks Tax Practices In Europe Amid Scrutiny

Amazon started to book revenue from retail sales in individual countries in Europe instead of funneling all sales exclusively through Luxembourg. The new practice started to take effect on May 1.

Business May 25, 2015

Here's What To Do If You Can't Pay Or File Your Taxes By April 15

We all know that April 15 is the day you have to file your taxes by. However, if you find yourself unable to meet that deadline, here's what you should do.

Feature April 11, 2015

'Going Clear' Review: Scientology Uncovered In Startling Documentary

Shocking, outrageous, revelatory — all words that describe Alex Gibney's scathing documentary, 'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.' Here's our take.

Movies/TV Shows March 24, 2015

Taxpayers Beware: That Might Not Be The IRS You're Talking To On The Phone

Taxpayers should beware of falling victim to phone calls by scammers posing as Internal Revenue Service employees. The best thing to do upon receiving such a call is to simply hang up.

Business March 18, 2015

How To File Your Taxes Online: 7 Best Apps For Doing Your Own Taxes

If you don't have any idea how to do your taxes but don't want to shell out the money for an accountant, worry not. We've gathered up the seven best apps that break down the process into easy steps and make tax season a lot less stressful.

Feature February 26, 2015

5 Tax Sites Make Filing Easy, And No The IRS Is Not On The List

With tax time rolling around, there are a number of good online services ready to help users with tax filing needs. While sites like H&R Block and TurboTax offer good services, there are some good resources that don't get as much as attention or don't demand high fees or software purchases.

Apps/Software February 2, 2015

New Hampshire 100-Acre Property Auction of Ed and Elaine Brown Finds No Bidders: Reason? Booby Traps

Properties once belonging to tax protestors Ed and Elaine Brown are not selling. One of the reasons may be that bombs are possibly still hidden on the land.

Society November 30, 2014

IRS under scrutiny in data security misstep, taxpayer ID info at risk

An investigation into the IRS reveals the agency failed to do background checks on some contractors who handled sensitive information. The move could put over a million taxpayers at increased risk of identity theft.

Legal August 15, 2014

IRS: We're not sorry about lost emails and we haven't lost any more since

The IRS won't be apologizing for lost emails as part of a probe of the agency by Congress. It has led to increased tensions over how the IRS continues to investigate political groups.

Money June 20, 2014

IRS: digital currency not legal tender, Mt. Gox finally calls the cops on missing Bitcoins

In the latest chapter in the on-going saga that is Mt. Gox, the IRS said Bitcoins will be taxed as property, not money, and Mt.Gox stated on its website that it had contacted the Tokyo police regarding the 850,000 bitcoins that went missing from the company's digital coffers. No investigation has yet been opened.

Business March 26, 2014

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