There has been a lot of Mortal Kombat news over the past few days, with two new characters revealed in the past week alone. It's looking to be an absolutely huge game, and very well could be the best entry in the long-running fighting game franchise. With roughly two months left before release, it's time for fans to look back over what we've learned since the game's big debut at last year's E3: here's every character we know will be appearing in Mortal Kombat X.


One of the more recent reveals, Reptile has been a mainstay in Mortal Kombat since the second game. He's gone through a number of changes, and his appearance in Mortal Kombat X seems to be a mixture of all of them - as long as he's still got his camouflage and acid, it doesn't matter what he looks like.


Despite his name being a portmanteau of 'Error Macro,' Ermac has become a fan favorite. His command over a legion of 1,000 souls sets him apart from other fighters, and his fatalities have always been some of the most brutal in the entire series - let's hope the trend continues in Mortal Kombat X.

Ferra & Torr

Two of Mortal Kombat X's newcomers, Ferra & Torr are a first for the series: there's never been a hybrid of two separate characters before. That being said, the team fits right in with Mortal Kombat's brutal world, and one shudders to think what sort of Fatalities NetherRealm has cooked up for the duo.


Another newcomer, it feels as if D'Vorah has been a part of the series all along. The masochistic queen of insects feels right at home, and her focus on both summoning bugs and acid traps makes her like a combination of Quan Chi and Reptile - certainly a deadly combo.


As one of the first Mortal Kombat characters ever, it just wouldn't be right if Raiden didn't make an appearance. He's positively iconic at this point, and while he looks to have made the transition to next-generation consoles intact, it's almost guaranteed that NetherRealm and Raiden have some tricks up their sleeves.


One of the first female fighters to enter the fray, Kitana is yet another fan favorite set to return to Mortal Kombat X. With her bladed fans (and enthusiasm for dismemberment), Kitana is basically the most dangerous geisha ever - definitely someone you wouldn't want to cross.

Cassie Cage

It'll be strange to have a Mortal Kombat game without the iconic Sonya Blade or Johnny Cage, but there's no reason why their daughter - Cassie Cage - couldn't fill their shoes. Her combat style seems to be a blend of the two classic characters, and anyone who's played a few rounds of Mortal Kombat knows how deadly that can be.

Kotal Kahn

The name 'Kahn' doesn't exactly inspire pleasant thoughts in the Mortal Kombat universe, and Kotal Kahn only reinforces that. The newcomer based on Aztec and Mayan mythology is all about blood and sacrifices - it's not exactly pleasant, but it certainly fits in with the rest of Mortal Kombat's twisted fighting styles.

Kung Lao

He may have played the lesser hero to Lui Kang, but that bladed hat and Shaolin style set Kung Lao apart from everyone else in the roster. Sure, his moves aren't the flashiest, but that doesn't matter: his Fatality 'Razor's Edge' makes up for any and all shortcomings.

Quan Chi

While he's not as recognizable as the likes of Goro or Shao Kahn, Quan Chi is one of the most vicious villains in the series. He's not only responsible for the birth of Scorpion as we know him, but his possession-based Fatalities are some of the hardest to watch in the entire franchise...and that's saying something.


Speaking of iconic villains, it's harder to get more iconic than Goro. While he hasn't had that many appearances as a playable character (at least relatively speaking), Goro is one of the most recognizable characters in video games. His four arms and his tendency to remove other people's limbs will do that.


Remember when everyone learned that one of the characters in Mortal Kombat ripped out someone's heart? Yeah, that was Kano - the Australian mercenary with a heart of ice and heat vision. He's received one of the most diverse style sets out of anyone in Mortal Kombat X, which could bring some variety to one of the game's lesser-played characters.


He's one half of the Mortal Kombat royal family, and Sub-Zero is making his next-generation debut in a big way. His focus on traps and icy combat have always been mainstays, but Sub-Zero serves as one of the best examples of how flexible Mortal Kombat X's new fighting style system can be.


If Mortal Kombat has a mascot, it is most certainly Scorpion. The iconic 'GET OVER HERE!' line and masked skull visage are pillars of the franchise, and it's nice to see that the undead ninja will be making his next-gen debut alongside such a strong cast.

As they say: toasty!

As it stands, Mortal Kombat X is set to be absolutely huge. The fighting game landscape is relatively open thus far, and considering that the game is only a few short months from release, Mortal Kombat X could very well dominate the fighting game scene.

Mortal Kombat X is set for release on April 14.

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