A webcam captured an unidentified flying object (UFO) resembling a horse hovering near the erupting Colima volcano in Mexico.

Colima volcano is one of the most active volcanoes not only in Mexico but in the entire North America. Since 1576, the volcano has erupted over 40 times. The most recent eruption was recorded in January this year.

Webcams de Mexico hosted a webcam pointed at the volcano with the aim of capturing video footage of the eruption. The webcam not only captured the marvellous sight of Colima volcano erupting but also recorded something strange. The video showed what appeared to be a dark horse-shaped UFO.

The horse-shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere and within moments, it disappeared. The UFO appeared to have a large body and two legs which did not move.

A UFO not necessarily means that it was an alien craft. However, alien enthusiasts suggest that the UFO could be an alien vessel observing the volcanic eruption.

UFO sightings are not too rare and several sightings have been recorded near volcanoes. In 2012, TV camera crew spotted a cigar-shaped UFO inside Popocatepetl volcano in central Mexico. In November 2014, cameras also caught a blurry white UFO flying in the same region.

Eufrasio Gonzales Carrasco, an alien enthusiast, suggests that there has been UFO activity around volcanoes and the latest sighting of the horse-shaped UFO near the Colima volcano adds up to the list. The alien enthusiast also claims that there is something about volcanoes that probably attracts the attention of aliens.

Many UFO and alien enthusiasts believe that the U.S. government has enough information about UFO and alien worlds but they hide it from general public. However, UFO Sightings Daily suggests that with the development in technology, it is getting harder even for UFOs to keep hiding.

"The day is coming where they stop trying and are forced to reveal themselves, with or without the governments permission" per UFO Sightings Daily.

Authorities in Mexico suggest that the UFO could be a drone that was flying in the area but they are still investigating the latest sighting.

It is not just on Earth that UFO sightings have been reported and recorded. A previous report suggested that archival images of Apollo 15 mission also showed a UFO hovering over the lunar horizon.

Check out a video of Colima volcano erupting and the mysterious UFO.

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