There is nothing funny about breaking up. Suffering from a heartbreak during this time of the year is not only bad timing, but could also feel like pouring salt over the fresh wound by the time Valentine's Day rolls around.

But this Snapchat user is reminding us that you can still find humor in the darkest of times.

Proving that laughter is the best medicine to cure heartbreak, Snapchat user Billy began sending his friend photos of himself dealing with his breakup in hilarious ways. And the photos were too funny not to share with the Internet.

Billy's friend, imgur user musicmax33, posted the Snapchat breakup photos he received a few days ago along with the caption, "My buddy Billy has been snap chatting me these all day." The photos have received just short of 500,000 views in three days.

Billy, with his manly beard, is seen in the serious of photos looking sad in random scenarios, including what appears to be his job, besides everyday objects. He draws on tears to show he is crying inside, and writes hilarious captions for each one.

The text can actually be read as heartfelt poetry of the modern man when you put all the photo captions together. "All these flavors and you still salty; All these jackets and you still cold; All these hammers & I still couldn't hit that; All these lights & I still couldn't brighten UR DAY," he writes.

There's this post-Super Bowl boxes photo:

There's this photo with sexual innuendo:

There's this photo that suggests cheating:

There's this bitter one:

There's this moment of failure:

There's this desperate one:

It's time to let her go, Billy.

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