The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water and Jupiter Ascending both opened in theaters recently, but only one is having a successful run so far. Obviously, that movie is not Jupiter Ascending because nothing possesses the power of overthrowing SpongeBob Squarepants.

In all honesty, SpongeBob's movie is ahead of Jupiter Ascending because it is downright a better film. The latter, directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski, cost $175 million to make but could only muster a meager $20 million after launching in 3,181 theaters across the United States.

Many thought this movie would have turned out to be a winner, but they were fooled by the beautiful exterior and never once thought about the story aspect of the film, which is more important.

Jupiter Ascending was scheduled for release back in July 2014, but the date was pulled because the Wachowskis wanted more time to work on the special effects. From all indications, the story needed more work than the special effects by far.

This is the third time the Wachowskis have failed to impress.

After the massive success that was the Matrix trilogy, Warner Bros. was hoping the team could come up with another big franchise. However, Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas failed badly, and now Jupiter Ascending is heading down a similar path.

On the matter of the new SpongeBob movie, it managed to earn $35 million on its first weekend, beating Jupiter Ascending by $15 million. The film has the potential to make over $100 million worldwide if it can continue down the road of success. We wouldn't be too surprised if it crosses the $200 million mark because moviegoers are loving it, and they are telling everyone.

The first movie was released in theaters back in 2006, which was 11 years ago. It earned $130 million, so the sequel truly does have a good chance at this rate to go beyond $200 million.

We hope to see more SpongeBob films in the future, but we are not sure if waiting another 11 years is on the cards.

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