NBC Planning To Put Constantine On SyFy Channel: Rename Show To Original Name 'HellBlazer'


The Constantine TV show that is currently airing on NBC is facing a lot of issues right now. Just recently, NBC announced all the shows it plans to renew, but unsurprisingly, Constantine was not on the list.

However, fans should not lose their minds just yet because it is clear from recent actions that NBC wants to save the show. The company reacted well to the plea of fans who placed their support behind the show on social media with the tagline #SaveConstantine.

From what we are hearing, the appeal of the fans just might have saved the show because NBC, according to sources who spoke with Cinelinx, is bouncing back ideas on how to keep Constantine going. It is said that the most popular idea right now is to remove the show from NBC and air on SyFy.

If this should happen, NBC could rename the show Hellblazer, the name the comic goes by.

NBC recently ran a marathon of Constantine on SyFy, and it was well received by viewers, so the possibility is truly there for this idea to become reality in the coming months or weeks. We also understand the SyFy channel could give the writers room to visit the much darker aspects of Constantine.

We're particularly happy to hear this because Constantine, as it is right now, isn't dark enough. NBC is definitely holding back the potential of the show, so throwing it on SyFy could make it a far better show than it is right now.

So far, the best episodes are the ones that have been quite dark, a real proof that darkness is the show's strongest point.

Due to the nature of the rumor, we can't say for sure that what has been said will happen for certain. It's a splendid idea, and it would work so well for SyFy since the network is lacking good shows than can compete with those on other networks.

Let's face it: the last decent show on SyFy was The Strain and, compared to other shows like it, The Strain was terrible.

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