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The Best Celebrity Cameos From The 'Sharknado' Movies

'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens' promises a lot of celebrity appearances when it airs on July 31 on Syfy: here are some of the best cameos from the previous three movies.

Movies/TV Shows July 21, 2016

'Dark Matter' Season 2 Will Offer More Insight Into Characters, But Also Include Adventure

Melissa O’Neil, Roger Cross and Melanie Liburd recently spoke to press about what fans can expect from the show during its second season, including how their characters will continue to grow and evolve.

Movies/TV Shows July 7, 2016

'Dark Matter' Season 2 Will Offer More Insight Into Characters, But Also Include Adventure

Melissa O’Neil, Roger Cross and Melanie Liburd recently spoke to press about what fans can expect from the show during its second season, including how their characters will continue to grow and evolve.

Movies/TV Shows July 7, 2016

Cast Of Syfy's 'Killjoys' Discuss Higher Stakes Of Season 2

Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane recently chatted with press about the second season of Syfy's 'Killjoys.' The actors promised more challenges for the crew and shared how they'll cope with the chaos gripping the Quad.

Movies/TV Shows June 27, 2016

Syfy Reveals April's Fate Just A Month Before 'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens'

Did April of 'Sharknado' fame live or die at the end of 'Sharknado 3?' Syfy just released the answer, as decided by fans of the movie franchise. Watch the video for the big reveal.

Movies/TV Shows June 22, 2016

Amazon's AI Assistant Hits SyFy, The First Entertainment Channel To Get Alexa Skills

SyFy just became the first entertainment channel to tap into Alexa's skills for some neat functionality. The sci-fi network now gives users info on SyFy shows and schedules, or even a sneak peek into upcoming episodes.

Apps/Software May 1, 2016

'12 Monkeys' Cast And Showrunner Promise More Time Travel And Intrigue In Season 2

'12 Monkeys' stars Amanda Schull, Aaron Standford and Emily Hampshire, along with showrunner Terry Matalas, recently spoke with press about what fans can expect from the Syfy show's second season.

Movies/TV Shows April 18, 2016

'Hunters' Showrunner And Stars Discuss How Sci-Fi Is Relevant To The Real World

In a recent press call, 'Hunters' executive producer Natalie Chaidez, along with series stars Julian McMahon and Britne Oldford, discussed the Syfy series about an organization that hunts down alien terrorist threats.

Movies/TV Shows April 11, 2016

Bye Bye Bye Zombies: 'Dead 7' Trailer Shows NSYNC And Backstreet Boys Fighting Undead In The West

When the undead start to rise in the wild west, the only solution is to ressurect boy bands! The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and other '90s hearthrobs star in Syfy's 'Dead 7.'

Movies/TV Shows March 18, 2016

Syfy's New Show 'Van Helsing' Gets Its Vampire-Hunting Heroine

Kelly Overton has been cast as Vanessa Helsing, the vampire-slaying heroine of the new Syfy series 'Van Helsing.' Vanessa, the original Val Helsing's daughter, is resurrected in a world overrun by vampires.

Movies/TV Shows February 18, 2016

Syfy's New Crime 'Halcyon' Will Be A Virtual Reality Drama Only Watchable With Oculus Rift

In conjunction with its parent company NBCUniversal, the science-fiction station is planning on releasing a scripted short-form show that users will only be able to view with Oculus Rift. That move makes it the first show meant to be watched in virtual reality in the history of television.

Movies/TV Shows February 12, 2016

Interview: 'The Expanse' Showrunner Naren Shankar Discusses Season 2 And Sci-Fi On TV

The season finale of Syfy's 'The Expanse' airs on Tuesday and we spoke with showrunner and executive producer Naren Shankar about the series, as well as what to expect in season two.

Movies/TV Shows February 2, 2016

'The Magicians' Premiere Recap: Did The Syfy 'Hogwarts For Adults' Series Make Magic?

Syfy's 'The Magicians' pilot just aired and now here is a recap. It might seem all confusing in the beginning, but it could be worth watching.

Movies/TV Shows January 26, 2016

'The Magicians' EP Sera Gamble And Actor Jason Ralph Discuss Making Magic On TV

'The Magicians' executive producer Sera Gamble and actor Jason Ralph discussed the making of a magical TV series. They also talked about the inevitable 'Harry Potter' comparisons.

Movies/TV Shows January 25, 2016

In Syfy's '400 Days' Movie Astronauts Train In A Space Simulation - Or Is It?

The SyFy original '400 Days' takes four aspiring astronauts on a simulated trip and pushes their psychological limits. Find out what the film is about and where you can watch it.

Geek January 16, 2016

Explaining All Of The Factions In Syfy's 'The Expanse'

For those new to the world of 'The Expanse,' keeping up with the political factions in the story can get confusing. Here's a guide outlining those groups and explaining who they are.

Movies/TV Shows January 15, 2016

The Ultimate Guide To SyFy's New Year 'Twilight Zone' Marathon

'Unlock the door with the key of imagination' and cross over to another dimension on the days leading to and following New Year's Day. Check out what's in store for you in Syfy's annual 'The Twilight Zone' marathon from Dec. 30 to Jan. 3.

Movies/TV Shows December 30, 2015

Interview: IM360 And Digital Domain Discuss Partnership With Syfy For 'The Expanse' Virtual Reality App

Virtual reality platform creators IM360 and visual effects company Digital Domain talk about their joint project with Syfy. They've teamed to offer a VR companion app for the network's new series 'The Expanse.'

Apps/Software December 14, 2015

Syfy To Develop Series Based On 'Harrow County'

Syfy recently announced plans to develop a dramatic television series based on 'Harrow County,' a Southern gothic horror comic book series by writer Cullen Bunn with artwork by Tyler Crook.

Movies/TV Shows December 3, 2015

Vanessa Helsing Syfy Series Is Basically Steampunk Buffy

Van Helsing's daughter, Vanessa, will be the new vampire slaying femme fatale who will lead humanity against a world overrun by vampires. Syfy has ordered 13 episodes for the new series 'Van Helsing.'

Movies/TV Shows November 3, 2015

'The Magicians': Magic Is Real In Trailer For Upcoming Syfy Series

Syfy recently released the first trailer for its upcoming series 'The Magicians,' the network's adaptation of the bestselling series of novels of the same name by author Lev Grossman.

Movies/TV Shows October 13, 2015

'Game Of Thrones' Fans Got A Little Treat During 'Sharknado 3'

The 'Sharknado' movies have become a major pop culture phenomenon, and an annual summer tradition. This year's entry didn't disappoint, with endless craziness that climaxed with a 'Game of Thrones' shocker.

Movies/TV Shows July 23, 2015

There Will Be A 'Sharknado 4,' And Fans Will Help Choose The Fate Of A Beloved Character

'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!' premiered on Syfy Wednesday night, but the network is already looking toward the future. Yes, there will be a 'Sharknado 4.'

Movies/TV Shows July 23, 2015

Your Guide To The Most Ridiculous Syfy Movies

With the world premiere of 'Sharknado 3' just around the corner, we decided to take a look at some other ridiculous (but fun) movies offered by Syfy throughout the network's history.

Movies/TV Shows July 21, 2015

Interview With 'Sharknado 3' Screenwriter Thunder Levin

'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!' invades Syfy Wednesday, July 22. Thunder Levin, the writer of all three films of the franchise, reveals what you can expect from this latest installment.

Movies/TV Shows July 20, 2015

Syfy Is Giving Away Cardboard VR Sets At Comic-Con To Promote New Series 'The Expanse'

Attendees of San Diego Comic-Con can pick up a free Google Cardboard VR headset provides by the Syfy network to promote their new space series, called 'The Expanse.'

July 8, 2015

5 Reasons To Watch Syfy's New Space Drama 'Killjoys'

If you're still on the fence about Syfy's new space-based drama 'Killjoys,' here are five reasons why you should watch the pilot episode now and put the show on your weekly must-see TV list.

Movies/TV Shows June 23, 2015

Interview: Grant Bowler Talks About The Dark Side Of This Season's 'Defiance'

In the first episode of the new season of 'Defiance,' things take a dark turn. Actor Grant Bowler recently discussed what this means, as well as how it affects his character and the town.

Movies/TV Shows June 19, 2015

Interview: Syfy's 'Killjoys' Talks Spaceships And The Inevitable 'Firefly' Comparison

Friday marks the first episode of Syfy's space drama 'Killjoys.' Recently, the cast of 'Killjoys' got together and discussed their characters, Lucy (the ship) and how the show compares with 'Firefly.'

Movies/TV Shows June 18, 2015

Interview: How Syfy's 'Dark Matter' Delves Into What It's Like Not Knowing Who You Are

Tomorrow sees the premiere of Syfy's 'Dark Matter,' a series about waking up and not knowing who you are. Executive Producer Joe Mallozi, along with stars Melissa O'Neill, Marc Bendavid and Anthony Lempe, recently talked to us about the series.

Movies/TV Shows June 12, 2015

Dan Simmons' 'Hyperion' Will Become Mini-Series On Syfy

Fans of science fiction novel Hyperion by Dan Simmons received a treat today when Syfy announced that it's adapting the book for a television mini-series with Bradley Cooper, Graham King and Todd Phillips.

Movies/TV Shows June 10, 2015

Constantine Officially Canceled By NBC: Should SyFy Jump In?

'Constantine' won't see a season 2 at NBC, but there's still a chance for the show to find a new home. Showrunner Daniel Cerone took to Twitter to give fans hope.

Movies/TV Shows May 11, 2015

'Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs' May Be The Best Bad Movie Of 2015

It's cowboys, and it's dinosaurs. In the same movie. That's really all you really need to know, right?

Movies/TV Shows May 1, 2015

Watch The First Teaser For Syfy's 'Childhood's End'

Syfy has released a teaser for its upcoming adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's 'Childhood's End.' In this clip, Charles Dance talks about the setting of the novel, with small shots of footage from the mini-series.

Movies/TV Shows April 20, 2015

When He's Done With Predator, Archie Takes On Sharknado

Want to see something that will make your brain go numb? 'Archie vs. Sharknado' ought to get the job done.

Movies/TV Shows April 17, 2015

Syfy Releases Trailer For New 'Dark Matter' Series

In its continued commitment to offering more genre and science fiction programming, Syfy recently released a new trailer for upcoming space-based series, 'Dark Matter,' which premieres on the network in June.

Movies/TV Shows April 10, 2015

Syfy's Space Drama 'Killjoys' Gets A Trailer And A Release Date

Last year, Syfy announced that it had teamed up with producers of 'Orphan Black' to produce a new space drama series called 'Killjoys.' Now that series has an official trailer and a release date.

Movies/TV Shows April 3, 2015

'Sharknado 3' Gets A Premiere Date And The Most Ridiculous Title Yet

The third installment in SyFy's completely insane 'Sharknado' franchise is coming July 22.

Movies/TV Shows March 18, 2015

'12 Monkeys' Renewed By Syfy For A Second Season

Syfy announced this week that the network will be picking up the time traveling thriller '12 Monkeys' series for a second season. '12 Monkeys' stars Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull.

Movies/TV Shows March 13, 2015

'Ascension' Won't Be Returning To SyFy As A Full Series

Though there was talk that SyFy's event series 'Ascension' might spawn a full-fledged series, the network now confirms that won't be the case.

Movies/TV Shows March 11, 2015

NBC Planning To Put Constantine On SyFy Channel: Rename Show To Original Name 'HellBlazer'

NBC is having a difficult time getting viewers to watch 'Constantine.' Instead of cancelling it, however, the company could put it on SyFy after a recent successful marathon.

Movies/TV Shows February 8, 2015

Syfy Releases First Trailer For Space Opera 'The Expanse'

Last year, Syfy committed itself to offering more science fiction on its network, and in keeping with that, the company recently released the trailer for its new space drama series, 'The Expanse.'

Movies/TV Shows January 16, 2015

Interview: How Syfy's 'Helix' Stays Dark And Scary

Syfy's 'Helix' begins its second season this week, but how does the show stay scary? According to series showrunner Steven Maeda and star Neil Napier, it has a lot to do with a change of scenery and a new virus.

Movies/TV Shows January 15, 2015

Review: '12 Monkeys' Brings Sci-Fi Back To Syfy

Although '12 Monkeys' is based on a film, the series feels darker and more character-driven than the 1995 movie. It's also a good step in Syfy's plan to return to sci-fi TV.

Movies/TV Shows January 14, 2015

Check Out The First 10 Minutes Of SyFy's '12 Monkeys'

The television adaptation of Terry Gilliam's film '12 Monkeys' is almost here, and you can watch the first 10 minutes of the show right now.

Movies/TV Shows January 6, 2015

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