The Apple Watch is set to be released in only a few months, with analysts expecting that Apple could sell as many as 10 million units within the first year of sales.

Many in the tech world expect that the Apple Watch will bring wearable tech into the minds of the consumer and make wearables much more a part of our lives. Apart from that, however, we are expecting the Apple Watch to be an all-around great device. Here are five great features of the Apple Watch.

1. Health and Fitness Tracking

One of the largest reasons to buy a wearable today is its ability to track health and fitness. This will be no different with the Apple Watch.

Apple will be including two fitness apps on the Apple Watch -- one that tracks everyday activity through calorie burn, moderate exercise, and time spent standing, and another that tracks actual workouts, including things like cycling and running.

The Apple Watch can also track heart rate and the device will support third-party apps, and it will push the information that it gets to Apple's HealthKit, which can be used by apps on the iPhone.

2. Communication

Another large part of using the Apple Watch will be its communicative features. Through the Apple Watch, users can use Apple's new "Digital Touch" feature, which allows users to draw quick pictures to send to their friends, or animated emoji, which can be customized.

Of course, also in communication, the device can accept phone calls and text messages.

3. The Digital Crown and Home Button

The Digital Crown is Apple's way of being able to control the Apple Watch. The small, protruding crown allows users to zoom in and out in some apps, or scroll through text or lists. Not only that, but the Digital Crown is also used as a home button, allowing the user to simply press it and get back to the home screen from any other screen.

4. Customizability

The Apple Watch is different from other Apple products in that it is ultra-customizable. Users can select different colors of both the body of the device and the bands of the device. Not only that, but the Apple Watch also comes in multiple different body and band materials. More than ever, this Apple product is a fashion statement.

5. Digital Touch

Apple has added another button to the Apple Watch, which it calls the "Digital Touch" button. This button allows the user to jump directly to their contacts list in order to make a call or access messaging. This is also where users can access "digital touch communication."

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