MacBook Air Survives 1,000 Ft. Drop - If Only iPhones Were That Durable


It's easy to forget that only a few short months ago, Apple users were up in arms over #BendGate. When the iPhone 6 was released last September, users began complaining about how the phone's new aluminum body would bend under pressure. While reports on how much pressure was required to bend the phone all varied wildly, it was soon proven that Apple's newest phone could be bent with nothing more than one's bare hands, and it wasn't doing Apple's marketing any favors.

The iPhone 6 may not be as durable as the company once claimed, but the MacBook Air certainly is: in South Africa, a reddit user going by av80r tested the laptop's dropping it out of a plane.

Alright, so maybe it wasn't on purpose, but the results (if true) of the improptu crash test are no less impressive: despite falling roughly 1,000 feet from the plane to the ground, the MacBook Air not only stayed in one piece, but still works to this day.

Granted, the MacBook's not in perfect condition - far from it, actually, and it seems like Apple's bending problem isn't limited to just phones. Even so, the fact that the computer still works seems impossible: most things would explode on impact after falling from that height, but a tiny, complex computer with hundreds of tiny moving parts survived intact? If this whole tale is true, that's unprecedented.

If you're wondering how av80r managed to get his laptop back, you're not alone...and the story only gets more ridiculous from here. See, the laptop wasn't the only thing that fell from the plane. When the plane's canopy popped open, av80r's bag, along with his pilot's license and IDs, fell along with it - and it just happened that a local farmer was only a few feet away when the bag hit the ground. From there, the farmer simply used the bag's contents to find some contact info, then used Facebook to get in touch with the pilot and return his things.

So, the next time your iPhone falls out of your pocket and is absolutely annhiliated by the kitchen floor, just remember: if you'd bought a MacBook Pro instead, there's a chance it wouldn't have just survived, but could be dropped out of a plane and turn back on.

That being said, it's probably not something you'd want to test on your own.

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