Move over T-Rex, because a new breed of dinosaur toy is here to capture the imagination of kids everywhere.

That dinosaur is Indominus Rex, the new genetically-modified killing machine that will serve as the primary man-eater in Universal's upcoming Jurassic World. Up until now we've seen glimpses of the dangerous new dino in trailers, but Universal has been reluctant to show off the entire beast. That changes now as Entertainment Weekly has new images from the film's Hasbro toy line, giving us our best look yet at the terrifying beast that will go up against Chris Pratt this summer.

Possible Spoilers Below: If you want Indominus Rex (and its abilities) to be a surprise, best turn away now.

Featuring sharp claws (and thumbs), massive teeth and spines all over its body, Indominus Rex looks like it will be giving T-Rex a run for its money. Unlike T-Rex, Indominus' long arms and razor-like claws can be used to scoop up victims off the ground for easy pickings. This battery-powered toy will roar and chomp, as well as feature "color-morphing skin" on its back. Might this be some form of adaptive camouflage?

If this massive predator, described on the Jurassic World site as being 40-feet tall and capable of reaching speeds of 30 mph, can also blend into its surroundings, the park-goers of Jurassic World are pretty screwed.

The EW images also show off what we can expect the Tyrannosaurus Rex to look like in the film as well. In a smart move, it looks like director Colin Trevorrow has chosen to stick with the classic T-Rex design seen in the other Jurassic Park films.

The toy for the raptor closely resembles its film counterpart as well. Once again Trevorrow has elected to go with the raptor design from the original Jurassic Park, as opposed to the partly feathered raptors seen in Jurassic Park 3.

These toys are scheduled to be released in May, a full month ahead of the film. The toys were revealed today as part of this weekend's Toy Fair 2015 festivities. 

You can learn more about Jurassic World by checking out the film's viral campaign here. Jurassic World will be in theaters June 12.

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