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Sparkling Opals Turn Out To Be The Bones Of A New Dinosaur Species

Hundreds of opal-encrusted bones have been found in the Australian town of Lightning Ridge. These bones belong to a newly discovered dinosaur species Fostoria dhimbangunmal from 100 million years ago.

Ancient June 5, 2019

Tiny, Oddball Dinosaur With Bat-Like Wings Discovered In China

Scientists unearthed a pristine fossil of a tiny dinosaur that took to the skies. Amazingly, the wings of these ancient creatures are unique and strangely bat-like.

Ancient May 9, 2019

T. Rex Cousin Suskityrannus Hazelae Was A Miniature But Deadly Beast

Scientists discover a pint-sized version of T. rex that's small enough to pet on the head. Dated to 92 million years ago, this small but ferocious hunter fills a significant gap in dinosaur evolution.

Animals May 6, 2019

Winged Dinosaurs Learned To Fly As A Side Effect Of Running

Scientists believe the Caudipteryx may hold the secret to explaining how animals first learned how to fly. The running gait of this early dinosaur caused its wings to involuntarily flap, which may have been a precursor to flight.

Ancient May 5, 2019

Myth Of Loch Ness Monster Influenced By Dinosaurs: Study

Reports of long-necked monsters, including Scotland's Loch Ness monster, peaked in the 1930s. Researchers now think they identified what influenced the popularity of the myth at the time.

Animals April 25, 2019

Stargazing During The Age Of T-Rex And Other Dinosaurs? This Is How It Would Have Looked Like

Chicago's Field Musuem has teamed up with the Adler Planetarium to create video projections of the Cretaceous starfield. Visitors can now have an idea of what the prehistoric sky might have looked like millions of years ago.

Ancient April 11, 2019

Children's Museum Going Big On Dino Exhibit With $27.5 Million Budget

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to learning about the lives of the dinosaurs. Together with dozens of experts, it will embark in a multimillion Mission Jurassic project.

Animals March 27, 2019

Canada's Scotty Dinosaur Identified As World's Largest And Oldest T-Rex

Scotty the T-rex is the world's oldest and biggest dinosaur. Its leg bones suggest it was more than 19,400 pounds when it walked Saskatchewan in prehistoric times.

Animals March 23, 2019

Volcanic Eruptions Contributed To Mass Dinosaur Extinction, Studies Find

Was the asteroid that hit Earth solely responsible for the demise of dinosaurs? New studies find that a series of volcanic eruptions may have contributed to the mass extinction.

Ancient February 21, 2019

Feather Fossil Long Thought To Be From Archaeopteryx Bird Belonged To Unknown Dinosaur

Imaging technology revealed the missing quill of a 150-million-year-old fossilized feather discovered in Germany in 1861. Analyses revealed the feather did not belong to the Archaeopteryx bird.

Animals February 5, 2019

Discovered 'Antarctic King' Fossil Is Iguana-Sized Dinosaur Relative

The fossilized remains of an iguana-sized reptile was found to be a cousin of dinosaurs. It lived in Antarctica when it wasn't yet a frozen wasteland.

Animals January 31, 2019

Fossilized Feathers Of Winged Dinosaur Anchiornis Offer Clues To How Birds Evolved To Fly

The fossilized feathers of the Anchiornis, a winged dinosaur that lived in China 10 million years before the Archaeopteryx, contain both β-keratins and α-keratins.What does this tell about the transition of dinosaurs to birds?

Animals January 29, 2019

Dinosaur Age Collision May Have Formed Saturn's Rings

Data gathered by the Cassini mission before it plunged into Saturn's atmosphere shed light on the age of the gas giant's rings. Researchers said these likely formed around the age of the dinosaurs.

Space January 18, 2019

Extinct Flying Creatures That Lived Alongside Dinosaurs Had Fur Feathers, Says Study

Scientists finally found evidence confirmed that pterosaurs had feathers that resembled a fluffy fur. In a new study, an international team probed a pair of well-preserved fossils.

Animals December 19, 2018

Gemstones Retrieved From Opal Field Turn Out To Be Dinosaur Fossils

Gemstone retrieved by Australian miners turned out to be the opal-filled fossils of a previously unknown dinosaur species. The creature's teeth and jaw size suggests the fossils belonged to a group of bipedal herbivores called ornithopod.

Animals December 9, 2018

Scientists Discover Extinct Giant Herbivore Species Related To Mammals

Scientists were astounded to discover a giant herbivore, which lived in the Triassic period, is a relative of mammals. The creature called Lisowicia bojani lived together with long-necked dinosaurs at the time.

Animals November 26, 2018

Palaeontologists Discover Fossils Of First Giant Dinosaur In Argentina

Ingentia prima, which lived 210 million years ago during the Triassic Period, was an early member of the dinosaur group, sauropods. How was it different from its later relatives?

Animals November 5, 2018

Massive Dinosaur Discovered In South Africa Named 'Giant Thunderclap At Dawn'

Scientists have unearthed a new dinosaur species in South Africa that is a relative of the brontosaurus. The massive ancient animal has been named Ledumahadi mafube, which means 'giant thunderclap at dawn.'

Ancient September 28, 2018

'Amazing Dragon' Fossils Found In China Rewrite History Of Long-Necked Dinosaurs

Paleontologists found the bones of at least eight individual Lingwulong after a farmer had discovered several fragmented fossils. What does the amazing dragon of Lingwu tell about long-necked dinosaurs and Pangea?

Animals July 25, 2018

Bigfoot: Largest Dinosaur Foot To Date Belonged To A Titanosaur

Bigfoot measures 3.2 feet wide. It likely belonged to a dinosaur very closely related to the brachiosaurus. The prehistoric animal’s size suggests it is a titanosaur, the largest group of sauropods.

Animals July 25, 2018

New Armored Dinosaur Species Discovered In Utah Named 'Thorny Head'

A new armored dinosaur species discovered in Utah has been named Akainacephalus johnsoni, with its first name meaning 'thorny head.' The ankylosaurid further confirms that there were at least two immigration events that happened in the late Cretaceous period.

Ancient July 20, 2018

Fossil In Argentina Suggests Giant Dinosaurs Evolved Earlier Than Previously Thought

Fossils of the creature called Ingentia prima, a species of sauropodomorph, suggest that dinosaurs grew in size 30 million years earlier than previously thought. What are the features of this prehistoric creature?

Animals July 10, 2018

Rhino-Like Mammals Roamed African Savannah Long Before Giraffes And Hippos

The analysis of 55-Million-year-old Moroccan teeth fossil offered an answer to the question regarding the true origin of a certain species that roamed right after the dinosaurs went extinct. These animals are called the embrithopods.

Animals June 29, 2018

Study Proves That The T. Rex Could Not Stick Its Tongue Out Because It Was Stuck In Its Mouth

Scientists revealed that many dinosaurs, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex, could not stick their tongues out. They examined the hyoid fossils of dinosaurs to determine this.

Animals June 20, 2018

Paleontologists Oppose Sale Of Mystery Dinosaur Skeleton: Here's Why

The auction of the 150-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton for $2.3 million on June 4 stirred discussions among experts within the scientific community. In fact, a group of international vertebrate paleontologists had tried to stop Aguttes weeks ahead of the controversial auction.

Animals June 7, 2018

Researchers Trace Genome Structure Of Dinosaurs, Thanks To Their Living Relatives

Researchers were able to create the genome structure of dinosaurs, including the tyrannosaurs and velociraptor. The key was in studying the chromosomes of their closest relatives, birds and turtles.

Ancient June 7, 2018

Dinosaur Skeleton Sold For $2.3 Million At Paris Auction May Belong To New Theropod Species

The remains of the unknown theropod were found by an unnamed group of paleontologists in 2013. What are the features that suggest the skeleton belonged to a new species of dinosaur?

Animals June 5, 2018

Unusual 150-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Skeleton Sold For Over $2 Million At Paris Auction

A skeleton of an unknown dinosaur species was auctioned off at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The unidentified buyer purchased the 150-million-year-old dinosaur specimen for over $2 million.

Ancient June 4, 2018

Life Returned To Dinosaur-Killer Asteroid Crater In Just Years

Scientists discovered that it only took several years for life to return to the crater left behind by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. The researchers found signs of life in sediment cores extracted from the Chicxulub crater.

Ancient May 31, 2018

Fossilized Skull Of Half Mammal, Half Reptile May Rewrite History

Scientists found a fossilized skull of a reptile-like mammal underneath the foot of a dinosaur fossil in Utah. The discovery may rewrite ancient history, due to its implications on theories surrounding the supercontinent Pangaea.

Ancient May 30, 2018

Scientists Discover 125-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Dandruff In China

In 2012, scientists discovered 125-million-year-old dinosaur dandruff in China. They also said the dandruff is proof that feathered dinosaurs lacked sufficient flying skills.

Ancient May 25, 2018

Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Caused Global Warming For The Next 100,000 Years

The asteroid that led to a mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs also had consequences on Earth's climate. For 100,000 years following the impact, temperatures rose dramatically.

Ancient May 25, 2018

Asteroid That Killed Dinosaurs Affected The Evolution Of Birds By Eliminating Trees

The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs had immense an immense biological impact on the species all across the world. By eliminating trees, this reduced the types of bird that survived the collision.

Ancient May 25, 2018

How Did Dinosaurs Hatch Their Eggs Without Crushing Them? Carefully, Researchers Say

Researchers believe that they have figured out how dinosaurs hatched their eggs without crushing them, beyond the answer of 'carefully.' Scientists were able to understand the incubating behavior of oviraptorosaurs by studying 40 fossils of their nests.

Ancient May 16, 2018

Rare Dinosaur Skeleton Goes On Display At A Cincinnati Brewery

For the first time, the rare Galeamopus skeleton discovered in 2000 will be displayed for the public. The event at a brewery is in support of the Cincinnati Museum Center where the dinosaur will be housed in November.

Animals May 14, 2018

3D Construction Of Ancient Bird Fossils Offers Clue On How Dinosaurs Transitioned To Modern-Day Birds With Beaks

A three-dimensional representation of fossils of the Ichthyornis dispar revealed how the dinosaurs transitioned to modern-day birds with beaks. Most importantly, the 3D construction showed what the first bird beak looked like.

Animals May 3, 2018

Teeth Of Carnivorous Dinosaurs Reveal Their Hunting Strategy, Prey Choice

Do carnivorous dinosaurs have different prey choices? Evidently, while theropods' hunting methods are very similar, their teeth strength and shape may determine their prey choice.

Animals April 26, 2018

Mass Extinction Led To An Explosion Of Dinosaurs, Making Them The Dominant Species On Earth

Dinosaurs left with a bang, and it turns out that they also originated with a bang. Dinosaurs exploded after a mass extinction, allowing them to become the dominant species on Earth.

Ancient April 16, 2018

Hypothesis Suggests Toxic Flowers Helped Wipe Out Dinosaurs: Here Are Some Unusual Old Ideas About Dinosaur Extinction

How exactly did the dinosaurs go extinct? There's yet to be a precise answer, but here are some of the ideas about their extinction that were once suggested.

Animals April 7, 2018

Turns Out Dinosaurs Were Killed Off By Flowers, Then The Asteroid Put The Nail In The Coffin

Conventional wisdom has it that the dinosaurs were killed off due to an asteroid, but new research may flip that on its head. It turns out that the culprit was flowers.

Ancient April 5, 2018

Large Dinosaur Tracks In Scotland Offer Clues How The Prehistoric Animals Lived During Middle Jurassic

Large dinosaur footprints that were found in the Isle of Skye belonged to sauropods and theropods. What do these tracks reveal about the Middle Jurassic and the prehistoric reptiles?

Animals April 4, 2018

Fossilized Dinosaur Species That Lived In The Pangaea Era Emerges After 252 Million Years

Paleontologists discovered fossils of what is believed to be the first generation of dinosaurs during the Triassic period. This data is valuable in understanding how species thrived at the time when the world had only one massive continent.

Animals March 29, 2018

Fossil Unearthed In Montana’s Hell Creek Formation Could Be Remains Of Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex

Teeth suggest that the fossils unearthed in Montana belonged to a Tyrannosaurus rex. Researchers, however, said it could also be the remains of controversial species of dinosaur, the Nanotyrannus.

Animals March 29, 2018

Sexual Selection: Triceratops Show Off Aggressive Looking Horns To Attract Potential Mates

A new study suggests that dinosaurs may have had horns to show off good genes and attract potential partners. This disputes previously believed information that the purpose of the menacing-looking armor and horns of the Triceratops was for war.

Animals March 22, 2018

Dicynodont Fossils Reveal 'Phantom' Mammal Coexisted With Dinosaurs

Sometimes, the biggest discoveries are found when you take a second look. Such is the case of the dicynodonts or Pentasaurus goggai, which first and only remains uncovered only upon reexamining a fossil collection from the 1870s.

Animals March 22, 2018

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