I can't imagine people were lining up for the chance to be head of security at Jurassic World. I mean, do you know what happened last time InGen tried the whole "dinosaur theme park" thing? Turns out electric fences don't do you much good when the power goes out.

But that isn't stopping Vincent D'Onofrio's character of Vic Hoskins from doing just that in the upcoming film. As InGen's head of private security, Hoskins is the man responsible for the safety of the millions of people visiting Jurassic World each year, a park filled with man-eating genetically modified dinosaurs. That's going to be difficult. Like I said, who exactly would want this job?

You can learn more about Hoskins and his security firm in a new Jurassic World promotional video below.

No word on how much InGen is paying Hoskins for putting his life on the line on a daily basis, but it's probably not enough. Chances of Hoskins surviving the events of Jurassic World? At this point, I would say probably about 30%, unless he can talk to raptors like Chris Pratt. That increases his chance of survival substantially.

Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12.

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