In the recent episode of Arrow, Oliver Queen is seen venturing into the island of Lian Yu for some well-needed training. He hopes to gain the strength and skills needed to defeat Ra's al Ghul, but he is bound to come face to face with an old friend and enemy.

We understand that Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) has escaped the prison on Lian Yu, and he will no doubt confront Oliver. It is not certain what will happen here, but it is clear that Shado will be the center of this recurring conflict. The two men did not get the chance in season 2 to talk a lot about her, so expect everything to be laid bare.

"It feels like a coda to season two. It's not just the final battle, but the final interactions between Oliver and Slade that we didn't have the screen time to do at the end of season 2 because you're racing to the end of the season," said executive producer Marc Guggenheim. "It's nice to be able to write a little bit of an epilogue for these two characters. It's not to say it's the last time we'll ever see Slade again, but certainly the story of Oliver versus Slade, the revenge for Shado's death, that's the kind of stuff this puts a nice capstone on. When we see Slade again, he'll be in a different headspace. We'll take his character in a new and different direction."

We must say that finally putting an end in the ridiculous Shado storyline is very welcoming. Deathstroke should be killing people for far more compelling reasons, and not because Oliver could not find it in his heart to choose between two women. Bear in mind Shado and Slade were never together since she was with Oliver.

It was clear that he liked her, but not enough to act out in the manner he did, so the showrunners had to come up with a plan to drive Slade mad. From the comics, Slade is better than this but blame it on The CW.

All in all, we'd love to see what the writers have in store for the character. We'd prefer if DC gives him his own show on another network.

We would also love for the writers to end this Olicity madness. It's one of the many reasons why Arrow feels more like a soap opera than an action drama, and that's not good at all.

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