Galaxy lovers have been teased by reports of leaked designs and now Samsung is stirring the roiling pot of hype, spicing it with a new Twitter teaser trailer.

The 17-second teaser video heralds the upcoming Galaxy S6. Beyond adding hype to the handset's upcoming reveal, the teaser video message seems to corroborate reports the S6 will have better cameras than the S5.

"I am #TheNextGalaxy. Be inspired by my vision at #Unpacked," states the teaser video's accompanying text.

That video Samsung refers to may be S6' currently rumored 20 MP rear camera and 5 MP chat cam. The teaser video features a circle enclosed by a square, imagery that harks to the S5's rear camera.

On March 1, during a Samsung Unpacked event at the Mobile World Congress, all is expected to be revealed. The S6 is expected to have an unofficial unveiling during the event and Samsung is reportedly announcing a release date at the event.

Along with stepping up from the 16 MP and 2 MP rear and front cameras of the S5, the S6 will have smarter cameras, according to Samsung. The Korean hardware manufacturer says it benchmarks all of its camera's optimal settings by taking more than 10,000 photos with each, and S6 will know which preset image option is best for any given situation.

"Our users do not need to worry about the appropriate camera settings for different lighting environments or where to find different functions or how to edit and share the photo they just took," said Samsung.

There's also speculation the S6 will move away from the flat-faced design employed by its predecessors, adopting the curved countenance of the Galaxy Round. The 5.1-inch size of the S5's face will carry over to the S6, but the latter model's curved face will provide what Samsung and other adopters of the design call a more ergonomic form factor.

The world may have been given a glimpse of what the S6 will look like, if accessory manufacturers are indeed working from authentic designs. Apple has taken measures with its accessory makers to prevent similar spoilers. One manufacturer, working from what are believed to be leaked designs, has generated a mock up of an S6 in a graphic promoting a sliding case.

And riding on the caboose of the S6 hype train, an alleged Samsung insider says Samsung won't weigh the smartphone down with bloatware. However, the source didn't mention which collection of apps Samsung may leave off the S6.

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