The simple, yet challenging, game Flappy Bird has become a sensation in both Google Play and the iOS App Store, topping the list of free apps on both platforms. Not surprisingly, when the game's developer announced that he "cannot take it anymore" and will take down the game on Sunday, Feb. 9, it left tens of thousands of mobile gamers stunned and wondering what had happened.

Since Flappy Bird's release in May of 2013, the game has skyrocketed to the top of the charts with over 50 million downloads. With the in-game advertising in Flappy Bird, the game's developer Dong Nguyen reportedly raked in an estimated $50,000 per day in advertising revenues. However, the popularity of the game apaprently brought with it headaches and stress, which Nguyen cannot handle.

Nguyen is a developer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Aside from Flappy Bird, the independent game developer also has two other games on the Android and iOS app stores. He is thankful for all the attention iOS and Android users have given to his projects.

"I don't know how my games can be so popular. Most of my players are kids in schools. I would like to thanks them for playing my game and sharing it to other people," said Nguyen in a statement.

Nguyen's success may be attributed to a simple strategy. He makes simple but challenging games that can easily be played a few minutes at a time. This type of game is perfect for quick gaming sessions during short coffee breaks or in between meetings. Moreover, Nguyen's free-to-play format also means that anyone can just download the game. This is arguably the main reason why the game has become to popular among children and adults alike.

Despite being a relatively small game developer compared to the likes of Gameloft or EA, Nguyen has reached heights that other developers can only dream about. However, the price of success may be too steep for Nguyen.

"I am sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down. I cannot take this anymore," said Nguyen in a tweet posted on Saturday, Feb. 8.

In an earlier tweet, Nguyen said Flappy Bird was a success but "it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it."

Here's a few more cryptic  tweets by Nguyen:

The last tweet was posted around 22 hours back, and as of reporting, the game isn't available anymore on App Store as well as Google Play. Nyugen has kept his word and has taken down the Flappy Bird game. So, it's bye-bye Flappy Bird, unless, of course, Nyugen has change of heart.

Meanwhile, if you've already downloaded the Flappy Bird game, you can continue playing it. And, if you haven't been so lucky, don't worry, there's a Flappy Bird clone also available as a free download. It's called Clumsy Bird. It's equally fun but we prefer the original.

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