Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has a lot of celebrate right now. Things could not be better both professionally and personally for the Sherlock star. He is up for the Best Actor Oscar this Sunday for The Imitation Game, and spent his Valentine's Day weekend at a wedding—marrying his pregnant fiancée Sophie Hunter.

Proving his level of commitment, Cumberbatch did not celebrate his honeymoon with his new bride, but instead flew to spend some time with Jimmy Kimmel because he previously agreed to appear on the show.

Cumberbatch appeared on Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, just two days after his wedding. "I'm so impressed, because, you know, people cancel on us for bad reasons. Like, 'I was out too late the night before.' But you got married, in England, on Saturday -- and here you are," Kimmel said.

The actor jokingly told  Kimmel he felt bad for not inviting him to join them in paradise, so he decided to bring him along on the honeymoon. And the gesture really touched Kimmel. "My wife didn't even want to spend our honeymoon with me," he responded.

However, Kimmel did feel guilty for taking the actor away from his wife, as the newlyweds will have to wait to take a their own honeymoon, so he decided to bring paradise to the show. Kimmel switched the background to a tropical beach, cued the island music and served piña coladas.

"And then later we'll make love," Kimmel added.

Instead, the two chatted about the little "Cumberbun" in the oven and turned the talk to baby names. While the baby will take his last name, Kimmel suggested naming the baby with the first letter "Q."

"Then the kid can be Q. Cumberbatch," Kimmel said, although Cumberbatch probably won't be taking this suggestion.

Watch Kimmel and Cumberbatch share a honeymoon moment in the clip below.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]

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