The terms "climate change" and "global warming" are thrown around pretty loosely these days. That does not make Bill Nye very happy.

Nye, who seems to be popping up on every news show these days to talk about topics ranging from creationism to "DeflateGate," appeared on MSNBC's The Reid Report on Monday to talk about all of the crazy snowy weather that's been hitting New England hard lately. Host Joy Reid asked Nye if when it's cold out we should just act like global warming isn't a thing after referencing an article written by TIME's Eliana Dockterman about a puzzling Pat Sajak tweet on climate change. That was her first mistake.

Nye stopped her right there and said, "Let's not confuse or interchange climate change with global warming," adding that when the climate changes, "some places get colder." And then he told Reid about his wildest fantasy where the media would actually use the term "climate change" correctly.

"What I would hope for, my dream Joy, is that you all, you in the news business would just say climate change," Nye said. "Just like, 'It could be climate change. It's a possible connection to climate change. Is this evidence of climate change?' Could you just toss that in now and then?"

Yeah, Reid was really probably just hoping for one of those kooky scientific explanations that you're known for, Nye, not a lecture. But oh well. That's what makes having the Science Guy as a guest so much fun, right?

Nye continued to criticize how some conservative news organizations have given the topic of climate change the cold shoulder, pun definitely intended.

"I will say to the conservatives, we need you. This is to say we can't have everybody be a progressive liberal, bleeding heart and so on. We need people on both sides," Nye said. "But if the conservative side is going to continue to deny what 97 percent of scientists in the world are saying, we're not gonna reach a consensus. We're not going to reach progress."

This isn't the first time Nye has expressed frustration over the media's coverage of climate change. Nye slammed Fox News anchor Rick Scott's claim that volcanoes on the moon meant climate change isn't happening in 2011. His discussion with Crossfire host S.E. Cupp turned a bit nasty when he appeared on the show in May 2014. Nye even poked fun at all of these bizarre interactions with John Oliver on Last Week Tonight last year.

Nye ended his interview with Reid with some advice for everyone regarding climate change.

"Just talk about it," Nye said. "If we were talking about it, we'd raise awareness and we would get to work."

Can you really argue with a guy who ends an interview with a fist bump?

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