'Better Call Saul' Broke Cable Records For A Second Time: Surpassed 'The Walking Dead' And 'Falling Skies'


Better Call Saul, the spin-off to the popular Breaking Bad series, has yet again broken cable records. This is very impressive and surprising at the same time since no one expected the show to kick off so wonderfully in its first three episodes.

The show broke records for the 18-49 demographic and the 25-54 demographic. The first episode, "Uno," garnered nearly 10 million views, and the combined views of the first and second episode is around 16 million.

These numbers managed to beat out the debut episode of The Walking Dead back in 2010, and Falling Skies back in 2011. We have to say, it is not difficult to beat The Walking Dead these days because the show is now a complete mess that needs some serious fixing.

As expected, AMC is very happy about the success so far of Better Call Saul, and why not? The show is superb, and Saul himself is a likable character.

"This is a terrific start for a program we love," says AMC boss Charlie Collier today. "We so appreciate everyone involved, starting with creators and showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, series star Bob Odenkirk and an amazing studio partner in Sony, team of EPs, cast and crew. There are many who are responsible for taking 'Better Call Saul' from 'Can we actually do this?' to the biggest series premiere in the history of cable television."

We expect ratings and viewer numbers to slip as the series progresses, but it shouldn't be a big dive should future episodes continue down the path of quality. This shouldn't be a problem since the show is written by the same guys who did Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul follows the life of Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman before he became the hot shot lawyer who makes a living by getting criminals out of prison. Fans should bear in mind that Saul is no Walter White, so they should not expect him to be killing people and blowing things up though chances are this could happen.

Hopefully by the time this show comes to an end, we'll get to see Walter White if even for a moment.

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