As the Mobile World Congress approaches, one of the most anticipated announcements is the unveiling of Samsung's next flagship smartphone: the Galaxy S6.

While Samsung has not confirmed any details regarding the device, rumors are stating that the Galaxy S6 will pack features that would help the company regain its dominant form in the cutthroat smartphone industry.

Samsung has been sending out cryptic tweets recently regarding #TheNextGalaxy, posting pictures with statements such as "Find clarity in darkness," "Stop less. Discover more," and "Get more done. Get more time." These statements may be teasing features that will be included in the Galaxy S6.

For the smartphone's camera, it has been reported that the Galaxy S6 will have a 20MP camera that features the IMX240 sensor of Sony at the back of the smartphone. This sensor is similar to the one used on the well-reviewed camera of the recently released Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

The IMX240 sensor on the Galaxy S6 is not completely identical, however, as Samsung has reportedly made significant tweaks to it. This means that the camera of the Galaxy S6 could even surpass the quality and capabilities of the camera of the Galaxy Note 4.

The "Find clarity in darkness" tweet by Samsung could be a teaser for better low-light pictures, which could be one of the major draws of the Galaxy S6's camera. While the camera of the Galaxy Note 4 was decent, but not perfect, in low-light conditions, it would be interesting to find out if Samsung tweaked the camera's module to improve its low-light capabilities for the Galaxy S6.

Samsung also tweeted a video that hints that the body of the Galaxy S6 could be made out of a combination of metal and glass.

The video begins by zooming out from a window made of glass then moving across a room to three tiles that look like they are made of metal.

The video could be hinting at the Galaxy S6 featuring glass and metal components, which would be a drastic departure from the plastic-based bodies of previous devices released by Samsung.

The construction of previous Samsung smartphones have received criticism in the past due to their plastic components, which made the devices look and feel cheap compared to counterparts made by rival companies Apple and HTC.

Samsung has already started using metal components with the release of the Galaxy Alpha, but the device is a mid-range phone that does not feature the high-end features and specifications of Samsung's flagship smartphones.

There have also been rumors that the Galaxy S6 will feature a dual curved screen, which will utilize the side display found on one side of the screen of the Galaxy Note Edge to both sides of the upcoming flagship smartphone. This feature would greatly expand the real estate of the screen of the Galaxy S6, providing users with additional shortcuts and options.

Another rumor on the Galaxy S6 is that it will be featuring a 5.5-inch, 2560 x 1440 quad HD display, which is a bigger and improved version of the 5.1-inch, 1920 x 1080 display of the Galaxy S5.

Samsung has been hyping up the Galaxy S6, and in just over a week's time, all the details of the much-anticipated smartphone will be confirmed and unveiled.

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