Two and a Half Men has finally come to an end after 12-years on the air. However, the ending was disappointing for some fans as they were hoping to see Charlie Sheen make an appearance.

Almost every fan of Two and a Half Men, including ourselves, thought Charlie Sheen would make a triumphant entrance and a similar exit. As it stands, creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre was hoping for a similar ending, but unfortunately they failed to convince Sheen to come along.

According to Lorre, the plan was to have Sheen walk up to the front door, make one of his crazy rants then out of nowhere, a piano would just fall right on top of his head, killing him instantly. Now, it is said that Sheen did not find it funny, so he made a suggestion.

While Lorre thought Sheen's idea was funny, it clearly did not make the cut, and thus Two and a Half Men ended at a low point.

"Our idea was to have him walk up to the front door in the last scene, ring the doorbell, then turn, look directly into the camera and go off on a maniacal rant about the dangers of drug abuse," according to Lorre via the card that came up after the show ended. "He would then explain that these dangers only applied to average people. That he was far from average. He was a ninja warrior from Mars. He was invincible."

We would have loved to have seen Sheen for the last time in an episode of Two and a Half Men, but we have to agree with the actor. What Lorre had proposed was far from funny at all, because Sheen no longer acts like a drugged up maniac in public anymore, so the plan would have failed.

Now, if this were happening when Sheen was saying stuff about him having tiger blood, then the joke would have gotten a lot of attention, and people would laugh due to the irony.

At the end of the day, Two and a Half Men is gone instead of running for five more seasons. Since Sheen was fired, the show took a nose-dive and not even Aston Kutcher was good enough to bring us back to watching.

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