For more than a century, people all over the world have been fascinated by the real-world tale of the Titanic's tragic sinking. It has inspired movies, documentaries, museum exhibits, and now...a video game.

That game is Titanic: Honor and Glory, a title currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. The game (if all goes according to plan) will feature a historically accurate and authentic Titanic for players to explore either in a "Free Roam" mode or as part of the game's story mode. Players will step into the shoes of Robert Morgan, a man who has been falsely accused of a terrible crime. To clear his name he must pursue the real culprit aboard the Titanic, investigating the ship for clues and avoiding the authorities.

Players will play through all five days of the ship's voyage, until its fateful collision with an iceberg on April 15, 1912. At that point the game becomes a race against time, as players must quickly conclude their investigation and fight to survive the whole affair.

It's a fascinating premise for a game that is attempting to recreate five days in history in as much detail as possible. All of the characters on board the ship will be based on real passengers, with the exception of the main character and villains of the story. The goal is not only to provide a quality piece of entertainment, but to also use the game as an educational tool and resource for fellow Titanic lovers.

"It is our goal to include as many facts about the ship and her passengers and crew as we can," the project page reads. "We intend for the player to be able to assume that if it was included in this game, it happened. We are searching and researching with an enormous amount of effort to find every last shred of evidence we can, including a large amount of unpublished documents and plans of the ship, to make sure the stories and ship designs we include are exactly as they appeared in 1912."

The team also hopes to digitally recreate a portion of Southampton, England, the port city from which the Titanic set sail.

The developers are asking for $250,000 to bring their vision to life, but there is a catch -- that $250,000 isn't enough to fully complete the game. Instead, the $250,000 simply allows the developers to continue working on the project until more funding can be secured. The minimum amount of money needed to finish the game in one funding campaign is $950,000, with $2 million needed to "comfortably" complete the game and even possibly add expansions and other content.

Those are obviously some big numbers, but the development team is at least being transparent about the amount of money they need in order to do the project right. If you are interesting in backing, pledging $15 will score you a demo of a small portion of the ship, while a $50 pledge will get you a copy of the full-game upon completion.

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